Sound Healing for Anxiety & Depression

Experiencing anxiety and depression can be overwhelming and disabling. I should know! I might seem "spiritual" or whatever, but my nervous system gets tugged in both directions too.

I've been using sound and mantra to self-regulate my nervous system and give my mind something uplifting to chew on for decades now. Whenever Life gets intense, I lean in on my sound-based yoga practices and feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. And I'm not alone...

"I had such a high anxiety week, and NOTHING I tried brought it down, until I chanted with you. The yoga of sound is indispensable...I am...

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Mercury Retrograde Mantra ~ 3 Sanskrit Mantra Therapies for Astrology

Mercury retrograde rocking your world? This blog post is series of #lifejacketmantra approaches for those just getting started in the wonderful world of Sanskrit mantra!

Planetary movement may be beyond our control, but our perspective is absolutely
within our power!

When Mercury (the planet of communication and intelligent discrimination) goes
retrograde, we’re told to expect communication and technological difficulties, avoid
signing contracts, and be extra careful not to make mistakes.

I’d like to invite you to lift your perspective on this astrological...

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