Beginner Sanskrit Peace Mantras - Online Yoga of Sound Chant Experience

Each month Anandra offers a free, beginner-friendly, sound healing mantra chant experience. Here's a sweet medley of peace mantras...

Discover the power of beginner-friendly Sanskrit mantras and learn about nāda yoga, sound healing training, and strengthening your listening, empathy, and peacemaking capacity. Experience the benefits of a sound-based practice for subtle body hygiene and gracefully navigate life's challenges.

In this beginner Sanskrit mantra chant experience, you will:

  • Connect with a global community in a sound-based practice designed to nourish, regenerate, and cultivate resilience.
  • Learn how to use sound and mantra to strengthen your capacity for listening, empathy, and peacemaking with your loved ones and greater community.
  • Experience the benefits of a sound-based practice for subtle body hygiene so you can more gracefully digest what life is serving up for you right now.
  • Relax into your authentic voice and maximal personal resonance with a vocal coaching practice. Warning: Don’t do this if you don’t want to FALL IN LOVE with your own voice!
  • Taste the sweet nuance of more refined Sanskrit mantra pronunciation on your palate, and in your body.

This Beginner's Sanskrit Mantra practice is for YOU if you're a:

  • Closet singer 🫣
  • Music or mantra lover
  • Kīrtan chant leader
  • Yoga teacher
  • Ayurvedic doctor
  • Yoga therapist
  • Holistic health practitioner
  • Music, yoga or mantra educator
  • Professional speaker, actor, or musician

Enjoy the peace mantras chanting!

You just might learn a few Sanskrit pronunciation, voice tips, or sound healing yoga invitations that you'll carry with you during your day, or connect into your own practice.

Did you enjoy the peace mantra meditation chant experience for beginners?
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Beyond this free online chant experience, if you want more in-depth training or personal mentoring, join us for live small groups, retreats, and online and in-person teacher trainings.

Most of all, we hope you’ll join our global community of chant lovers in dedicating your heart's voice to be an instrument of love and service in the world!

Learn more about sound healing yoga, mantra meditation, and nada yoga here:

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