Easy 5-minute Mantra Meditation for Disasters, Non-Religious Prayer

Why Prayer Helps During Disasters (Even if You're NOT Religious!)

  • In the sense that prayer keeps a situation close to our heart and in our thoughts, it's very useful.
  • Listening in, in a state of prayer, can help us feel connected to those affected.
  • It can inspire us to use our resources to help, in ways we hadn't thought of before we spent that time in prayer.
  • It can give us a sense of agency that we're at least doing something, when we otherwise feel helpless.

Here's a very simple 5-minute mantras for peace chanting meditation we recorded on Kaua'i a few years...

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You can't argue with crazy! Top 10 ways it gets easier to walk away from an unhealthy relationship

A personal share, for anyone who needs to hear it today:
"You can't argue with crazy."
But it does get easier to walk away with a clear conscience, as I get older and wiser!

I grew up with a completely unstable, mentally ill stepmother for a few years of my early childhood. It was deeply terrifying to me. I remember having nightmares every night, where I had to walk through a tunnel made up of woven together writhing snakes. You know those looping dreams where it seems like you're in it forever? It was that kind of nightmare. There was a light at the end of...

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Mercury Retrograde Mantra ~ 3 Sanskrit Mantra Therapies for Astrology

Mercury retrograde rocking your world? This blog post is series of #lifejacketmantra approaches for those just getting started in the wonderful world of Sanskrit mantra!

Planetary movement may be beyond our control, but our perspective is absolutely
within our power!

When Mercury (the planet of communication and intelligent discrimination) goes
retrograde, we’re told to expect communication and technological difficulties, avoid
signing contracts, and be extra careful not to make mistakes.

I’d like to invite you to lift your perspective on this astrological...

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