Fall in Love with Sound

Each of our 5-day retreats are a deeply transformative immersion into the Heart of Sound.

In retreat, we come together in community simply to drench our souls in the rejuvenating practices, in some of the most inspiring places on Earth.

Retreats are for:

  • Anyone yearning for a mystical reunion with Self through sound
  • Anyone new to our unique approach to mantra meditation and communion through music
  • Prospective 200-hour teacher training students fulfilling their 5-day retreat prerequisite
  • Previous participants who return again and again to experience magic moments together
  • Professionals seeking training and skill refinement in sound-based practices

No Experience Necessary

Each retreat is simply an invitation into the heart-opening, timeless practices of mantra and music. All mystic traditions concur that the direct, tangible, blissful path of pure vibration is accessible to all!

  • Non-musicians and musicians
  • Introverts and extroverts
  • All genders, ages, religious backgrounds, nationalities and walks of life are welcome to the Heart of Sound!

Retreats also count as a prerequisite for the 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training (offered annually in India March/April)


Our new 5-Day "Retreat into the Heart of Sound" experiences are offered worldwide by Anandra and Heart of Sound teaching faculty. While our priority during retreat is to provide you with an invitation to our profound chanting practices (and you're welcome to skip primary lecture time if you're simply on retreat) your "inner nerd" will also enjoy our innovative approaches to meeting the multiple learning objectives below:


Find your heart's voice and sing in our daily devotional mantra and music sessions!

You'll experience sound as a vibrant connection to Self, and understand how it transforms all aspects of your being.


Learn sound-based yoga skills to begin, refine, or enrich your home chanting practice!

You'll gain a basic foundation in voice culture, Indian music, harmonium, and Sanskrit mantra pronunciation.


Listen to what's deeply alive in you as you tune your precious body instrument.

You'll practice tools for self-regulating your nervous system for physical, emotional, and mental health.

What You'll Learn:

  • Awaken your Sanskrit mantra chanting with the living vibrations of each alphabet sound and more precise, refined pronunciation
  • Connect with the Tantrik, non-dual philosophy of the Sanskrit alphabet as a language of conscious creation
  • Explore the tones of Indian music (Sa, Re, Ga, etc.) and enjoy Indian rāga-based devotional songs
  • Use the creative power of mantra to master your mind, transform old habits, and illuminate new potentials for your life
  • Empower yourself with yoga of sound tools to maintain and deepen connection in your daily life
  • Get everything you need to create a home chant practice with harmonium and tānpūrā app basics

Learning Materials

Excerpted from our much raved-about teacher training materials, we provide you with everything you'll need to develop or significantly enhance your sound-based practice.


Properly transliterated Sanskrit mantras, repertoire in Indian musical notation, and articles on every subject we discuss in class

Audio & Video

Audios of all mantras, video training for home practice environment setup, and each song in our repertoire

Practice Tools

Step-by-step practice instructions, enrichment activities, and extensive resources for your further study

For Current & Aspiring Teachers

Continuing Education: If you're a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, this retreat fulfills your annual requirement of 40 hours of continuing education.

Prerequisite: If you're considering the Heart of Sound 200-hour teacher training, this retreat fulfills the 5-day retreat prerequisite, too!


We hope to chant with you soon!


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