Panchakarma in India: The Best Packing List for Ayurvedic Treatments

I’ve done pancha karma in India several times over the past 15 years.

Some of the most common questions I get from people who want to learn nada yoga and mantra with me -- and from friends/family who know I've been visiting India for 25 years and have gotten several panchakarma Ayurveda treatments in India and countless Ayurvedic massages -- are: 
"Where should I go for panchakarma?"
"What is panchakarma in India like"
"How do I prepare? What should I bring for panchakarma in India"

Yes, people ask me about where to study mantra and nāda yoga in India,...

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How do I find the best nada yoga school in Rishikesh India?

SO many people ask me how to learn traditional nāda yoga in India! There are a lot of confusing nada and mantra trainings out there, so I'll try to help you sort out what to look for. I went looking myself way back in 1997 and have gone down A LOT of unfruitful (even scary) roads before I found teachers I could trust, who led me on the mystical inner path of nada yoga!*

Unfortunately sexual misconduct by gurus is also all-too-common... almost every Western female who has gone to India to study nada yoga and mantra has a story (including me! several!)

So first of...

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