Unplug Meditation: A Mantra Sound Bath

Join us to experience a nourishing sound-based practice with Anandra.

Our goal for this month's session is to invite you to totally "unplug" from the source(s) of your stress, so you can rest, relax, rejuvenate, and replenish in the yummy heart of sound vibration. Expect dreamy tanpura sounds and long slow tones that gently caress the subtle tension points in your heart/mind/body, layered with rhythmic Sanskrit mantra repetition to establish you in a steady, safe, sweet groove for whatever the rest of your day requires of you.

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Panchakarma in India: The Best Packing List for Ayurvedic Treatments

I’ve done pancha karma in India several times over the past 15 years.

Some of the most common questions I get from people who want to learn nada yoga and mantra with me -- and from friends/family who know I've been visiting India for 25 years and have gotten several panchakarma Ayurveda treatments in India and countless Ayurvedic massages -- are: 
"Where should I go for panchakarma?"
"What is panchakarma in India like"
"How do I prepare? What should I bring for panchakarma in India"

Yes, people ask me about where to study mantra and nāda yoga in India,...

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How do I find the best nada yoga school in Rishikesh India?

SO many people ask me how to learn traditional nāda yoga in India! There are a lot of confusing nada and mantra trainings out there, so I'll try to help you sort out what to look for. I went looking myself way back in 1997 and have gone down A LOT of unfruitful (even scary) roads before I found teachers I could trust, who led me on the mystical inner path of nada yoga!*

Unfortunately sexual misconduct by gurus is also all-too-common... almost every Western female who has gone to India to study nada yoga and mantra has a story (including me! several!)

So first of...

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