9-Day Temple Rejuvenation Retreat
September 25 - October 3, 2022 on Kaua'i Island


Kaua'i Island Retreat

This retreat is a delight-filled offering by internationally respected sacred musician and teacher Anandra George on her beloved island home of Kaua'i.

Join us for 9 days of intimate communion through sound, Sanskrit mantra, Indian classical vocal meditation, devotional kīrtan, and sweet soft yogāsana developed especially for sound-based practices.

The retreat includes time at the majestic Hindu temple and gentle healing Indian food.

Why Sound?

The eternal thread that connects creation with the creator is sacred sound.  All mystic traditions concur, and the direct, tangible, blissful path of pure vibration is accessible to all! No dogma and no experience required; this retreat is simply an invitation into the heart-opening, timeless practices of mantra and music.

Who is This Retreat For?

Non-musicians and musicians, introverts and extroverts, and bodies of all shapes, abilities, genders, ages, religious backgrounds, nationalities and walks of life are welcome.

This retreat counts as attendance hours for our the 200-300-500 hour Yoga Alliance teacher trainings online.

"The Heart of Sound is literally the sound of LOVE in a felt, embodied, experiential way. I thank you with all my heart for lifting me up with such skill and compassion!"

Casey Coda
Yoga Therapist, California

Temple Rejuvenation Retreat

Imagine communion with sound, mantra, and friends in a heavenly temple atmosphere on Kaua'i island, with healing home cooked Indian food and plenty of time to just be.


Find your heart's voice and sing in our daily devotional mantra and music sessions!

You'll experience sound as a vibrant connection to Self, and understand how it transforms all aspects of your being.


Learn sound-based yoga skills to begin, refine, or enrich your home chanting practice!

Our practices support you to develop voice culture, Sanskrit mantra pronunciation, and a musical response to life.


Listen to what's deeply alive in you as you tune your precious body instrument.

You'll practice tools for self-regulating your nervous system for physical, emotional, and mental health.

Sensual Delight Awaits You!

Drop into the luscious island vibe, at a pace of life in tune with the bloom of the hibiscus and the crow of the roosters. We'll celebrate aliveness with all 5 senses:

  • Taste a healthy foodie’s paradise: vibrant vegetables, gently spiced Indian healing food, simple whole food sweets, green coconuts, and a bounty of seasonal fruit.
  • Touch your toes in the warm soft green earth, frolic in the tropical sea… and get an (optional) massage from your pick of some of the world's best bodyworkers on Kaua'i.
  • See the epic beaches and magical forests during our plentiful personal time (and full day off).
  • Smell the jasmine, plumeria, ylang-ylang, gardenia, and dozens of other intoxicating tropical flowers.
  • Hear the sound of your own heart’s voice singing in concert with nature and like-minded souls (and the ubiquitous roosters - LOL)!

Limited Space Available

We're already half full for this juicy retreat into sacred sound. Don't wait!

Led by Anandra George

Anandra (Heart of Sound Founder)  is the primary leader for our chant experiences, along with Michele Ford (Heart of Sound Teaching Assistant, Chef, Ayurvedic Practitioner) who will manage our meals.

We have a rich circle of teacher training graduates coming for this retreat, and they'll lead practices too!

Current & Aspiring Teachers

Continuing Education: If you're a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, this retreat fulfills your annual requirement of 40 hours of continuing education.

Teacher Training: If you're enrolled in the Heart of Sound 200-hour online teacher training, this retreat fulfills some of your contact hours for group practices. You may also team up with other trainees for optional, self-guided buddy practices and fulfill additional requirements.


Retreat Investment

This pricing will be available until June 1st, 2022. Get in quick to secure your spot! We're already half full. Submitting payment indicates you agree to our cancellation policy (in FAQ below)



Retreat tuition

Extensive course materials (print, web, audio & video) for your ongoing home practice.

Yoga Alliance teachers are eligible for 40 continuing education credits.




Retreat tuition

Extensive course materials (print, web, audio & video) for your ongoing home practice.

Yoga Alliance teachers are eligible for 40 continuing education credits.


Frequently Asked Questions

There is a non-refundable $250 administrative fee. Participants will receive a 50% refund of remaining tuition if requested 30 days or more before the course. No refunds will be issued less than 30 days in advance.  Submission of your payment indicates your acceptance of the cancellation policy.

Health Consideration Agreement:
We hope that COVID numbers will be low at the time of the retreat and we can enjoy singing freely without covering our mouths and noses.

We will consistently err on the side of caution, meeting or exceeding current official government guidelines and recommendations from leading epidemiologists to protect the vulnerable among us.

Please be fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (according to the latest definition by the CDC at the time of the retreat).

Please respect others’ choices to wear a mask at any time they wish.

In case risk is higher at the time of the retreat, we will err on the side of caution and continue with any/all of the following precautions as deemed necessary:
-Take a rapid test daily each morning before practice
-Wear a mask around other students, in your room with your roommate, and in the classroom at all times, if you feel the slightest bit sick.
-Stay in our student bubble and mask up when in close contact with people outside our bubble
-Take meals “to go” and eat outdoors or in your room if risk is high at the time
-Remove yourself from the class or practices altogether if you are feeling ill or have virus symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, etc.)

Daily Schedule for Full Retreat Days:

Schedule A (Sept 26):

Silent personal time, breakfast and beverages on your own
8:30 Heart of Sound Practice
10:30 Personal time
11:00 - 12:30 Circle w/Anandra for Q&A, sharing experiences

12:30 Lunch together

Afternoons for island enjoyment, massage, personal study, etc.

Weather depending, some may choose to gather for a casual, optional beach time, outdoor activity, or sunset.

Dinner on your own.
(Mung or kitchari leftovers.)

Alternate days, Schedule B (Sept 27):

Silent personal time, breakfast and beverages on your own
8:45 Arrive to temple
Silent personal fire ritual, Ganesha welcoming
9:00 Enter temple grounds, Dakshinamurthy welcoming
9:05 Enter Iraivan temple, sit for puja
9:45 Silent / Soft voice Jāpa of Om Namah Sivaya during service break
10:15 Culmination of pūja in vision of Natraj, receive prasadam
10:30 - 12:00 Free time on monastery grounds, seva, or return home

11:30 Lunch is available for self-service

Free time for hiking, beach time, massage, etc.

5 - 7 Chant Experiences led by Anandra and others

7:30 Dinner together

September 28,29,30 & October 1 will be full retreat days alternating schedules A & B. We'll have one full day off (no formally scheduled practices, no group meals) for people to do an island adventure or take full rest. That day is scheduled for October 2nd (the day before everyone departs) but it may be moved to mid-retreat due to weather forecast.

Schedule Notes:
Each participant is assigned 1 hour of kitchen or common space duties per day.

Private mentorship or voice coaching sessions may be scheduled with Anandra, or Ayurveda consultations with Michele, during breaks.

We reserve the right to adjust the schedule and substitute chant leaders to best serve everyone’s needs and capacities.

Yes and no.

Our primary purpose of gathering is to enjoy our practices together.

There is a training element, as multiple levels of teacher trainees will be present and growing their skills.

However, no foundational lectures or basic skills classes will be offered during this retreat. The core curriculum for the Heart of Sound training is much more effectively offered online, where trainees can absorb at their own pace.

If you review the schedule above, you'll find several opportunities to nerd out with fellow trainees.

If you're currently enrolled in the (online) teacher training, this will be an extraordinary delight!

If you wish to get teacher training level content and count attendance hours towards your certification, please enroll in the Online Teacher Training now and get a head start before arriving to Kaua'i.

We'd recommend getting to at least Phase 8 of the Self-Study Map for the 200hr program before arriving. At a minimum, please get through Module 4 of the Sacred Sanskrit Sounds course.

Sept 25
4PM Afternoon arrival (island/friend rate rental cars available)
Dinner together

Sept 26-Oct 1
6 full days of retreat schedule, alternating A & B

Oct 2
Day off
(May be taken mid-retreat instead depending on weather forecast)

Oct 3
10 AM Morning checkout / departure

We've really made an effort to offer affordable options. (Since regular hotels on Kaua'i run from $300-$700++/night, and regular rental cars from $200-$500++/day!)

We've arranged lodging and transport options that could help your costs stay in the $500-$800 range for the duration if you share.

Please email [email protected] to find out if lodging and local inexpensive vehicle rentals are still available, and get a list of recommended options for both (from $ to $$$) if those are sold out.

See the daily schedule for details. 10 meals are provided in the retreat price (and leftovers are welcome to be shared).

Shared meals provided are based on Indian family recipes to support a gentle cleanse. Ingredients are gluten free, vegan, as local as possible, and designed for enjoyment and digestibility. (Ghee will be provided as an optional addition for non-vegans.)

Main meals:
Kitchari with garden veggies
Mung bean soup with pureed greens

Lemongrass ginger tulsi tea
Hibiscus punch
Mango lassi
Blue goddess antioxidant tea

Dinnertime simple whole food sweets:
Blue coconut milk cardamom kheer
Dates and soaked almonds
Banana “ice cream”

Meals not provided are entirely your choice; continue with the gentle cleanse theme or eat whatever you want. (No meat or fish preparation in the house, please.)

Bring your own breakfast and morning beverages.

Optional digestive herbs to be taken at bedtime (for those wanting to augment the cleanse factor) will be provided for purchase.

Yes. Public transportation is insufficient (non-existent) in the retreat/temple area, so you'll need to have a car.

After you register, you'll get access to a shared document where you can connect with other guests to share lodging and/or rental cars. Beyond providing this connection space, HOS staff will not facilitate sharing.

Yes, a very limited number of Kaua'i local prices are available to those willing to help with the event, and/or provide accommodation and transport to retreat guests.

Several of the kama'aina spots are already full.

Please inquire at [email protected] for 3 different kama'aina options.


Let us know if you need any other assistance.


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