Sanskrit Mantra 101

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Designed for anyone looking to incorporate the transformational power of mantra into their courses, in an accurate, culturally respectful way.


Are you a trainer of yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, mental health therapists, kīrtan leaders, Ayurveda, Jyotish, or sound healing?

Do you sense you haven't yet discovered the full potential of mantra?

Do you feel unqualified to teach the sacred Sanskrit sounds to your trainees?

You're in luck!

Now you can outsource the Sanskrit/Mantra portion of your course!


"I’ve been chanting mantras for 25 years and I can’t believe that no one ever taught me this! After only the first lesson on the 5 positions my experience changed RADICALLY. Becoming a Sanskrit scholar never attracted me but chanting is my deepest love, my life’s anchor… Anandra’s teaching is brilliant and is exactly what I’ve been waiting for all these years!"

Julie, Australia
Sanskrit Online Course Student

About Anandra

Anandra has studied in India extensively since 1997 and shares Sanskrit sounds, mantra meditation, and Indian music with global audiences at the behest of her beloved gurus.

After chanting Sanskrit mantra with devotion but *no precise tuning* for 13 years, finally someone told her! After the initial sting of shock and embarrassment, she focused her passion and dove into re-learning Sanskrit sound vibrations from a Tantrik perhaps only a chant lover could. Part intimately devotional singer, part nerdy perfectionist, and part compassionate teacher, Anandra is in a unique position to help your students embody the full potential of their mantra practice, and share it responsibly with others.

Anandra created the Heart of Sound, the world’s first yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformative power of sound. She has helped tens of thousands of students from more than 100 countries connect to the transformational power of sound and mantra since 2009, and graduated hundreds of trainees so far. Teaching teachers is her passion, because the impact is exponential!

She also founded the Sacred Sound Stage at the prestigious International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh (India), as well as the global Mantras for Peace subtle activism project. She has taught and sung at the world’s largest yoga festivals, and has been featured in Hindi, Russian, Japanese, German, and English press for her pioneering work with sound and mantra.

Affiliations: C-IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), E-RYT 500 (Yoga Alliance), music student of Pandit Baldev Raj Verma

"Anandra's mantra chanting goes straight to the heart. She is one of those rare souls who has the "Divine Touch" when she shares the essence of the great Indian yogic tradition. She is a bridge to share the blessings of the holy Ganges and Himālayas with the whole world."

Pujya Swamiji Cidanand Saraswati
Global Spiritual Leader and Head of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh

Created by a chant lover for chant lovers, the unique combination of Tantrik philosophy’s glorious heights with exquisitely nerdy ground-level pronunciation practice will bring your mantra repertoire alive with resonant integrity!

"My God! This course is incredible! If I was not already interested in Sanskrit I’d be signing up in 3 seconds. Very practical. Beautiful. As a teacher of Sanskrit for 20 years, I feel deeply gratified that my student [Anandra] has fulfilled a wish I've had for a long time: to create a great online course."

Dharma Widmann
Sanskrit Teacher, American Sanskrit Institute

Dial in the perfect sound medicine for YOUR training!

With a solid grasp on the Sanskrit basics, your students can:

  • Yogāsana teachers will learn to pronounce the pose names accurately, with reverence for the language of the source culture.
  • Mental Health counselors can guide clients to utilize the mantra sounds which support their therapeutic goals.
  • Sound Healing practitioners can learn the nuances of the 50 Sanskrit sounds and how to apply them for different physical & metaphysical effects.
  • Kīrtan leaders can ignite profound personal attunement with the name/form of the mantras they sing. (And help avoid embarrassment if singing mantras inaccurately in public. 😬)
  • Ayurveda practitioners can layer mantra medicine to add subtle sound potency to other physical treatments.
  • Wellness advocates of all kinds can have an embodied experience of the power of Sanskrit mantra to augment other skills & tools.
  • Jyotiṣa (Jyotish) guides can equip their practitioners with the knowledge to help clients harmonize discordant astrological factors with the primary traditional remedy... mantra!
  • Yoga Studio Owners can offer a unique workshop experience and enhance their community's skillset with mantra for mental health and nervous system self-regulation

You've Never Felt Sanskrit Like This Before!

Why is this course special? Anandra speaks about the sensual experience of chanting and how it helps us commune with the elements of creation.



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Training Options

Let us know what your learning objectives are, and we'll be happy to hook you up with the right plan for your group.





  • 5 hours of video teaching with Anandra (hybrid LIVE + self-study)
  • 10 page PDF handbook 
  • Guided chanting call-and-response practice Mp3s  
  • Step-by-step practice checklist

A solid introduction to mantra basics!






  • 25 hours of video & audio teaching with Anandra
  • LIVE Office Hours for 1-on-1 skills check with Anandra
  • 33-page PDF handbook  
  • Mantra reference Mp3s
  • BONUS: Inclusion in an online 40-day Mantra Immersion ($147 value)

A thorough training in mantra basics for practitioners sharing mantra with others!






  • In-person 3-6hr Sanskrit mantra course with one of our 200 or 500hr graduates
  • Heart of Sound curriculum, handouts, enrichment activities, and Mp3 files
  • Trainers in 50 countries
  • Optional integration into our in-depth online courses

An inspiring, engaging introduction to the power of mantra!


"Having studied Sanskrit at the tertiary level, I was craving the connection and vitality I knew was possible from mantra but which is missing in the more intellectual, academic approach that a university framework requires. Anandra's careful practice instruction allowed me to access and become intimate with the vibration of the sounds within myself and to embody the sonic foundation of this magical language. It is nourishment for my soul! I was also really impressed with her knowledge, her commitment to authenticity in sharing that knowledge, and her transparency about its limitations."

Yolanda French
Graduate, Sydney University, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Great trainers are hard to find!
Are you looking for:

  • Specialized trainers in Sanskrit & mantra skills who are also fun and easy to understand? Sacred sanskrit sounds are juicy, embodied, and thrillingly delightful!
  • Accurate examples of mantra & yogāsana pose names because *almost everyone* is perpetuating inaccurate information? (Cultural appropriation is so ubiquitous it’s widely accepted. 😞) Anandra has been on a global crusade to help people set their mantra practice on fire (and stop butchering the sacred sounds) since 2009!
  • A proven pedagogy that produces consistent results? We've trained hundreds of teachers to do, describe, and teach accurate Sanskrit mantras. The method is efficient, effective, multi-dimensional, and inspiring!
  • Reverence for mystical tradition, while also emphasizing modern values?  Anandra spent many years studying and teaching in India with deep respect for the source culture, and is also an outspoken advocate for the #metoo movement and against guru power abuse dynamics. She works closely with thought leaders embodying the paradigm shift into wholeness (rather than perpetuating the systems that support misogynistic, caste, & nationalistic violence).
  • Non-dogmatic learning materials instead of only teaching the “best” mantra from one religious group? We teach the foundations so your trainees can learn any Sanskrit word or mantra for their repertoire.

Siddhi Śakti, a mantra teacher from Australia, says:

"Anandra's teachings on how to make the Sanskrit sounds have revolutionized my chanting practice! I am one of those many chant lovers who didn't know what I didn't know... but after learning the alphabet sounds with her Tantrik approach, the mantras I loved dearly before have come alive in profoundly awesome new ways!"

Before you go... Do you know the Top 3 Sanskrit Blunders?

Do you know the mistakes that almost every (non-Indian) kīrtan leader, recording artist, and yogāsana teacher make with mantra?

These easily corrected mistakes dull the mantra's potential and signal an embarrassing degree of cultural ignorance. (I should know... I did it myself for 13 years, and I LIVED IN INDIA!)

First of all, let me clarify that refining our Sanskrit pronunciation is not about becoming the Sanskrit police... it's about setting your chanting practice on fire!

Avoiding the yuck factor of cultural appropriation by respecting the language is also a healing side effect, and is a worthy motivation to stop perpetuating our blunders.

The one sure way to both:
- maximize the resonant potential
of your personal practice, and
- reverently align with the lineage transmission
of the ancient mantras
is to tune up your Sanskrit sounds!

I've prepared a free webinar and a cheatsheet on the Top 3 Sanskrit Blunders just for you. I wish someone would have told me before I memorized hundreds of mantras incorrectly and started teaching publicly! From my heart to yours, I'd like you to at least know what you don't know!



  • Dharma Widmann, for teaching me how to read and write Devanāgarī, and for exemplifying the extraordinary Yoga Sūtra-based teaching methods of his own teacher, Vyās Houston of the American Sanskrit Institute.
  • Svāmī Uttamānanda (at right), for finding me sitting by the Ganges struggling to read a chant book in Devanāgari in 2009, and offering to sit with me every afternoon in the temple to teach me patiently, carefully, and strictly until I got it.
  • Thomas Ashley Farrand, for humbly acknowledging his lack of Sanskrit knowledge and giving me his blessings to bring the refinement of Sanskrit sounds to the next generation of mantra lovers in the West.
  • Vivek Kumar, who provided invaluable help to the transliteration and word-by-word translation in the handout manual, and is always quick to answer my questions.
  • Our Heart of Sound global family for helping craft the teaching methods that work, and editing, proofreading, formatting and much more.
  • To the hundreds of students who have sent in wonderful reviews and testimonials that I couldn't include here.
  • To the innumerable priests and Himālayan bābās I've chanted with, sung with, and learned from in temples and caves over the decades!


Sacred Sanskrit Sounds Scholarship Application

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