Mahā Śivarātri: The best night of the year to experience Śiva mantras

  Experience the Power of Sanskrit Chanting this Mahā Śivarātri!

Esoterically, it is said that during this night the "eye of Śiva" is neither open nor closed. Consciousness rests in a state of balanced awareness suspended between external expression (concealing grace) and internal absorption (revealing grace).

For the aspirant who takes advantage of this time to do special practices, a special dispensation for illumination is given, greatly aiding spiritual progress and sweeping away the dullness due to ignorance of one's own True Nature.

The best mantra for...

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Learn How to Pronounce Sacred Sanskrit Sounds for Mantra Meditation - A Sneak Peek into our Best-Selling Online Course!

Do you LOVE mantra, but feel unsure if you're pronouncing the Sanskrit correctly? Have you been waiting for a course that's juicy, embodied, fun, and easy? 

It was HARD to keep this sneak peek (below) to under 12 minutes, since there are so many great learning resources we've put into place for our sound yoga trainees.

Learning Sacred Sanskrit Sounds will forever elevate your experience of mantra!

This One of a Kind Sanskrit Pronunciation Course Includes:

  • 20+ hours of video teaching with Anandra, a mix of live classroom teacher training footage and...

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Sound Healing Training Integrity: The Importance of Sanskrit Mantra and Nada Yoga Sound Therapy

In recent years, the field of sound healing has gained significant popularity, with numerous individuals seeking complementary therapies through the power of sound. Even the football players on season three of Ted Lasso are using mantra meditation to access their inner powers! This made me LOL, but it's for real... the power of sound and mantra has gone mainstream.

As a certified yoga therapist and member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, specializing in sound and mantra, I am deeply committed to upholding the principles of integrity within the...

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Sanskrit, Mantra & Harmonium Resource List

After reading my free e-book on mantra yoga or taking one of my mantra courses, you’ve probably decided you want to make precise Sanskrit a part of your chanting practice. Then what!? MOST of the mantra information online is frustratingly not accurate.

Here is a precious list of resources I’ve collected for you. Over the years this post has become a catch-all for other commonly asked questions, like "How do I type in transliterated Sanskrit?" and "What harmoniums do you recommend?" We'll keep updating it for you as we can.



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