Is it OM or AUM? Which is correct?

In my Sanskrit mantra workshops and sound healing yoga training courses  around the world, one of the most common questions I hear is about the timeless mantra OM. It can be written in different ways, and there is a lot confusion about it, because different teachers like to share what has worked well for them, but they might not know the experience of others.

Especially with a mantra like OM, it’s important to understand different perspectives and open ourselves up to the direct magical experience of the sound, rather than get limited by dogmatic ideas.


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Cultivating Musical Resilience: Sound Yoga Practices for Uncomfortable Feelings

With existential stressors continuing to pile up, our personal lives and relationships are feeling the strain too.

This Yoga of Sound experience gets right to the grit of our daily tension points!

Enjoy this melodic, heart-opening immersion into sound and mantra that is specially designed to lubricate the pathway towards harmonious, best-case scenarios in your life.

Can we listen in to the discomfort, make space for it, and embrace a nuanced, curious, empathetic, both/and approach that opens into a wide range of creative solutions?
Or are we stuck with a limited...

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What are Grads doing now? 500-Hour Advanced Sound & Mantra Training Course

Explore the profound impact of our 500-hour sound yoga training course through the incredible journeys of our graduates. From teaching worldwide retreats to conducting groundbreaking research in sound medicine, discover how you can unlock your potential and make a lasting impact.

What Graduates of Our 200/500 Heart of Sound Teacher Training Are Doing Now:

Teaching Worldwide Retreats - Graduates are teaching mantra & nāda yoga retreats globally, and the best part? These count towards contact hours for your Sound Healing Yoga 200HR TT!

Private Sound...

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10 Key Features that Define a Revolutionary Sound & Mantra Training

Not all sound healing and mantra trainings are alike! There's something for everyone in ALL of the bhakti yoga trainings, kirtan leadership courses, mantra teacher trainings, etc. but since this is our 10 year anniversary of creating the world's first and only 200HR yoga teacher training school focused entirely on the transformative power of sound, we're celebrating!

Here are 10 key features that make our Advanced Sound Training Course a one-of-a-kind, visionary evolution:

Reverent and Devotional:
We go beyond trends, offering a reverent and devotional...

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40-Day Flow State Mantra Immersion: Spark and SUSTAIN Abundance in ALL Forms


Flow State: Spark and Sustain Abundance in ALL Forms

Picture the mesmerizing dance of sunlight on water—endless delight that captures the essence of harmony and synchrony. Now, envision your inner state aligning with this delightful shimmering. Our abundance mantra immersion seeks to guide you towards achieving this harmonious balance within.

We invite you to join a transformative journey filled with Abundance mantras, sound healing medicine, sunlight-drenched reflections, and a supportive community of like-minded individuals. This blog post is your...

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Nourishing the Soul: My Perfect Kitchari Recipe for Gut Health and Self-Care


The Kitchari Life: A Powerful Ayurvedic Tool

If you're not already acquainted with the kitchari life, you're in for a treat. This Ayurvedic wonder isn't just a meal; it's a lifestyle tool that has the power to bolster digestion, simplify the gut, and nourish the body and soul.

In our sound yoga trainings and mantra chanting retreats, kitchari always takes center stage as the magic sauce that keeps everyone nourished and healthy. When your digestion is good, your immune system is more resilient, and you're able to put the sound & mantra vibrations to work as the...

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Free Mantra Chant Leader Training

Anyone else feeling the need to amp up the peace channel?

🙌🏽 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

Mantras for Peace chant events are an amazing way to bring community together and focus our hearts and voices on peace.

Calling all mantra lovers and aspiring CHANT LEADERS!

We'd love to support YOU to lead a chant circle in your area. And our free Host Your Own Chant Event mini-training has a full kit to support you to offer a peace mantra chant event in your community (in person or online):

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Simple Sanskrit Mantra Meditation Experience for Beginners

Are you seeking a powerful tool to connect with yourself, manage stress, and cultivate inner harmony?

Look no further than the ancient practice of Sanskrit mantra meditation. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience, our guided Sanskrit mantra meditation experience is the perfect opportunity to dive into the transformative world of mantras.

We're so happy to share this Sound Healing Chant experience with the Sanskrit Mantra Auṁ Namaḥ Śivāya! It's a nourishing sound-based practice with internationally respected teacher and musician Anandra George.


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Mantras for Peace 20 Minute Meditation for Harmony in Relationships

This Mantras for Peace 20 Minute Meditation for Harmony in Relationships is gold! Chant along with us as we collectively amplify our intentions for inner peace, global harmony, and personal well-being.

If you do it (chant along with us, that is - not just watch) you'll feel more uplifted, harmonious, and hopeful, guaranteed. Mantra is empowering sound medicine; it's most therapeutic when you chant along, either with the power of your mind, or the vibration in your voice (or both!)

The mantra we use is Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu, which you can find in our FREE...

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Learn Nada Yoga for Sound Healing and Music Meditation - A Sneak Peak into Nada Yoga Training Online

Do you wish to experience your voice as an inner sound healing meditation? Sing yourself fully alive on the path of healing sound with the wisdom of 3 generations of Hindustanī Classical musicians converges in this unequaled course designed for the modern lover of meditative music.

Naada Yoga: Enter the mystical world of Indian ragas at your own pace!

In this Nāda Yoga online course you get musical foundations for a lifetime of blissful connection and creative expression.

With 100 years of teaching experience combined, Guruji, Sudhanshu, and Anandra offer you every...

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