Cultivating Musical Resilience: Sound Yoga Practices for Uncomfortable Feelings

With existential stressors continuing to pile up, our personal lives and relationships are feeling the strain too.

This Yoga of Sound experience gets right to the grit of our daily tension points!

Enjoy this melodic, heart-opening immersion into sound and mantra that is specially designed to lubricate the pathway towards harmonious, best-case scenarios in your life.

Can we listen in to the discomfort, make space for it, and embrace a nuanced, curious, empathetic, both/and approach that opens into a wide range of creative solutions?
Or are we stuck with a limited...

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Mantras for Peace 20 Minute Meditation for Harmony in Relationships

This Mantras for Peace 20 Minute Meditation for Harmony in Relationships is gold! Chant along with us as we collectively amplify our intentions for inner peace, global harmony, and personal well-being.

If you do it (chant along with us, that is - not just watch) you'll feel more uplifted, harmonious, and hopeful, guaranteed. Mantra is empowering sound medicine; it's most therapeutic when you chant along, either with the power of your mind, or the vibration in your voice (or both!)

The mantra we use is Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu, which you can find in our FREE...

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You can't argue with crazy! Top 10 ways it gets easier to walk away from an unhealthy relationship

A personal share, for anyone who needs to hear it today:
"You can't argue with crazy."
But it does get easier to walk away with a clear conscience, as I get older and wiser!

I grew up with a completely unstable, mentally ill stepmother for a few years of my early childhood. It was deeply terrifying to me. I remember having nightmares every night, where I had to walk through a tunnel made up of woven together writhing snakes. You know those looping dreams where it seems like you're in it forever? It was that kind of nightmare. There was a light at the end of...

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