What are Grads doing now? 500-Hour Advanced Sound & Mantra Training Course

Explore the profound impact of our 500-hour sound yoga training course through the incredible journeys of our graduates. From teaching worldwide retreats to conducting groundbreaking research in sound medicine, discover how you can unlock your potential and make a lasting impact.

What Graduates of Our 200/500 Heart of Sound Teacher Training Are Doing Now:

Teaching Worldwide Retreats - Graduates are teaching mantra & nāda yoga retreats globally, and the best part? These count towards contact hours for your Sound Healing Yoga 200HR TT!

Private Sound...

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10 Key Features that Define a Revolutionary Sound & Mantra Training

Not all sound healing and mantra trainings are alike! There's something for everyone in ALL of the bhakti yoga trainings, kirtan leadership courses, mantra teacher trainings, etc. but since this is our 10 year anniversary of creating the world's first and only 200HR yoga teacher training school focused entirely on the transformative power of sound, we're celebrating!

Here are 10 key features that make our Advanced Sound Training Course a one-of-a-kind, visionary evolution:

Reverent and Devotional:
We go beyond trends, offering a reverent and devotional...

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