300 / 500 Hour Advanced Teacher Training

Masterclasses and an expanded constellation of skills to deepen your personal practice and chant leadership service, PLUS an abundance of opportunities to gain teaching experience to diverse audiences with 360° feedback.



Immersion Into Sound-Based Yoga

Finally, the next level of the Heart of Sound RYT, offered as a 500-hour certification with an additional mentorship track... and it's all online!

Deep digestion, at your own pace.

Designed to integrate into a balanced life, this course is a mix of pre-recorded content + LIVE group practices + an abundance of teaching experience opportunities. Masterclasses and an optional mentorship track with Anandra provide invaluable personal support throughout the course.

What to expect:

  • Explore creating optimum, nuanced chant experiences in a supportive learning environment
  • Cultivate your authentic leadership voice to ripen into maturity
  • Expand your constellation of sound-based skills significantly
  • Clarify your core values as a teacher/chant leader and build your personal service in harmony
  • Benefit from the opportunity to gain valuable teaching practice to a variety of audiences with 360° feedback
  • Upon completion, you may qualify to teach branded Heart of Sound practices & introductory workshops globally

Look no further... this is the world's first and most comprehensive yoga of sound teacher training available anywhere!

"I knew the course was of great quality but if I am to be honest, it has already exceeded my expectations. :-) I decided to start with the 200-hour course but I already feel that I shouldn't have been quite so conservative and have now opted for the 500-hour instead."

George Gilmour
Retired Opera Singer and new TT student, Australia

Course Content

Everything included in the comprehensive 200+ hour course, plus:


Digest and apply the training material in nuanced, innovative ways tailored to your personal and professional niche.


A whole new manual and set of enrichment activities designed to take your skills and service as a chant leader to the next level.


Cultivate connections and professional opportunities with a global cohort who is passionate about the yoga of sound.


Hone your craft and challenge your growth edges in a supportive 360-degree feedback learning environment.


Explore the resilience-building practices of sound and mantra in the context of one of the most uncertain times in modern history.


Integrate the sound-based toolkit into an existing career and discover your passion for sharing what is meaningful to you.


Anandra is delighted to offer Private and Small Group Mentorship options which will run alongside the 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training.

The mentorship tracks are optional. They are recommended for those who want more one-on-one help applying the sound-based yoga practices and tools to your personal life.


"After completing the online version of the 200 hour teacher training, I felt confident in my ability to chant many of my favorite mantras with proper pronunciation and better understand their meanings. The additional 300 hours has given me the support and reflection to confidently offer chant experiences to a wider community. My teaching practice now allows me to craft a chant experience that is appropriate for my skill level and the needs of participants. Finally, the greatest benefit of this HoS online program is that my community turns out to be international... I have met a group of chant enthusiasts that are as motivated and inspired as me! "

Marla Mangla Pelletier
Owner at InwardOffice.com, USA

Led by Anandra George

Anandra (Heart of Sound Founder) is the main teacher for the 500-hr training. She'll be joined by a team of teaching assistants as well as special guest experts.

To meet the rest of the Heart of Sound teaching team and community, visit the main 200-hr Online TT page.

What's New in the 300/500hr Course

In addition to the comprehensive course material outlined in our 200hr TT page + Prep Course, you'll get:

  • A brand-new 100+ page manual and course content
  • Exclusive Masterclasses with Anandra
  • Access to the IAYT yoga therapy course Mantra as Medicine
  • Bonus classes with expert guest teachers
  • Many opportunities to gain experience teaching fellow students, the wider Heart of Sound community, and your own networks

"The Heart of Sound 200hr Teacher Training was deeply transformational for me, but being new to teaching, at the end I still wasn't quite ready to be sharing with others. The 300hr Advanced Teacher Training is providing me with so many opportunities to practice leading others and build my confidence, skills and experience as a new teacher. This, combined with the masterclasses, new repertoire and global community, is a huge blessing I'm incredibly grateful for."

Katey Justice
Virtual Assistant & Musician, Scotland

Sample Masterclass Themes

  • Sound and the Vagus Nerve: Cultivating Resiliency in our Stress Response
  • Multi-layered "Magic Moments" Discussions, including structured breakout groups for Chant Experiment review
  • Devotion as Communion; giving ourselves full permission to engage in non-performative musicianship
  • Trauma-sensitive Approaches to Chant Invitations
  • Group Chant Dynamics: The Ethics of Charisma, Placebo Effect and the Theater of "Teacher" vs. Interoception
  • Developing Your Unique Teaching Voice & Authentic Specialized Service
  • Applying Non-dual Tantrik Philosophy to Decolonization, Anti-racism, & Post-patriarchy in how we approach our Sound-Based Practices
  • Embodied Intimacy: Using sound to practice new habits of leaning IN to explore our growth edges in relationship safely
  • Integrity: Acting from your "yes" and trusting your "no" to free yourself from the vortex of submission in relationships
  • Cultural Appropriation in the global kīrtan/chant world; how do we balance reverence for tradition with accessibility?
  • And much more! Requests welcome. :)

"When I look at the whole perspective of my life, I see the whole spectrum of the yoga of sound affecting everything that is happening around me. I see the learning objectives of the training tangibly improving my interaction with my job, with people, myself, my husband, my family… not only when I’m guiding people through a mantra. Before engaging the 300hr level of the training, I used to have an intellectual idea what the word “embodiment” meant. Now, I FEEL the ripple effect in my life."

Patricia Martins Bordon
founder of All in Me, Australia

New to Online Learning?

Check out our main 200-hour course page and FAQ to learn more about how sound-based practices translate to the online venue. Spoiler Alert: There are A LOT of unexpected benefits!


SNEAK PEAK: Take a look inside the online course!!

"You know you are in the presence of a great teacher when you feel every cell in your body resonate with joy. Anandra taught me to connect to that deep place and meet my true self for the first time. What I appreciated most about her teaching method is the level of quality of the education, which is very rare to find within her field. "

Zena El Khalil
Senior TED Fellow, Artist, and Peace Activist, Lebanon

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500hr Training Investment for New Students

This pricing is for the entire 500+ hours of training, for those who have no prior training with Heart of Sound. It does not include the mentorship track. Please note that submitting payment indicates you agree to our cancellation policy (in FAQ below).



Save An Additional 10-15%

Receive a 40% Discount when purchasing all 500 hours at once!

Full Access to the Heart of Sound RYT Foundational + Advanced Online Experience




6 Monthly Payments

Receive a 40% Discount when purchasing all 500 hours at once!

Full Access to the Heart of Sound RYT Foundational + Advanced Online Experience




12 Monthly Payments

Receive a 40% Discount when purchasing all 500 hours at once!

Full Access to the Heart of Sound RYT Foundational + Advanced Online Experience


300hr Training Investment for 200hr Graduates

This pricing is for an additional 300+ hours of training towards a 500hr certification. It is ONLY for those who have already done their first 200 hours of Heart of Sound training. It does not include the mentorship track. Please note that submitting payment indicates you agree to our cancellation policy (in FAQ below).



Save 10-15%

Full Access to the Heart of Sound RYT Advanced Online Experience, including:

  • Full access and participation in LIVE classes
  • Full access to Masterclasses with Anandra
  • Full access to guest lecture content and bonus material
  • BONUS: Full access to all pre-recorded 200hr course content for your review and re-learning!



6 Monthly Payments

Full Access to the Heart of Sound RYT Advanced Online Experience, including:

  • Full access and participation in LIVE classes
  • Full access to Masterclasses with Anandra
  • Full access to guest lecture content and bonus material
  • BONUS: Full access to all pre-recorded 200hr course content for your review and re-learning!



12 Monthly Payments

Full Access to the Heart of Sound RYT Advanced Online Experience, including:

  • Full access and participation in LIVE classes
  • Full access to Masterclasses with Anandra
  • Full access to guest lecture content and bonus material
  • BONUS: Full access to all pre-recorded 200hr course content for your review and re-learning!

Learn Nada Yoga in Germany!

Registration is now open for our in-person sound and mantra retreat in Germany, 1-7 September 2024.

Count retreat hours towards your online teacher training requirements!

If you plan to attend in-person, the best plan is to get started NOW on the online teacher training material!

Want to join us?⁠

Special payment plans & package deals available for the online teacher training + Germany retreat.


"The first 200 hours of the Heart of Sound training were so profound for me personally, I knew I wanted to do another round for my own growth as well as to review all the rich content I missed the first time. The next level of the training really brought it all together for me, and drove home the incredible value of these sound-based practices for my life and work!"

Dipika Delmenico
Best Selling Author, Practitioner of Anthroposophic & Ayurvedic Medicine, founder Conscious Woman Rising, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions for the 300/500hr Training

Yes! We'd love to hear why you love sound and discuss how we could support you!

Book a FREE 15-minute call with Katey

All sales are final for the Online Teacher Training course. No refunds are issued for online courses once payment has been submitted.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any concerns before you make your payment.

Basically, the advanced 500 hour training is offered for brand-new students to the Heart of Sound, and the additional 300 hours of training is offered for students who have already taken our foundational 200 hour course.

The foundational 200hr course is included in the 500hr course.

As a mix of online + in-person, yes! You can combine the online teacher training with in-person retreat trainings in Kaua'i &/or India.

If you plan to attend in-person in 2023, you can get started NOW on the online teacher training material.

When we gather together the focus will be on ENJOYING our practice time together. No foundational lectures or basic skills classes will be offered during the retreat training. The core curriculum for the Heart of Sound training is much more effectively offered online, where trainees can absorb at their own pace. The retreat offers an opportunity to attend group practices and count those towards your teacher training hours. There will also be time in the schedule to fulfil other certification requirements if you wish to self-motivate to do so. We envision a rich environment of learning as trainees try out their leadership skills on each other!

Find out more about Kaua'i Retreat Training 2023.

We've tried to create that ideal mix of dynamic live classes, small group connection, and pre-recorded content you can listen to while going for a walk, stretching on the floor, or doing the dishes. (Let's be honest - it's awesome to have an MP3 and not stare at a screen!)

Here's what it looks like:

With teachers: We have LIVE Advanced Masterclasses every 2-4 weeks. You will be given the opportunity to vote for times that suit you. We aim to find times that will allow our global family an equal chance of attending. 500hr students will also attend the schedule of the 200hr Online Teacher Training, 300hr students have the option to join this schedule as they wish.

With fellow trainees: You are required to meet with your cohort in live meetings and do study sessions with buddies. Social elements include (optional) "chai times," chant experiments, etc. In order to get your certification you'll have to teach your practicum classes in front of a live audience to get 360-degree feedback.

We understand that life is busy, and you need to know if you can realistically commit!

We're delighted to offer a program that stretches over many months, so you can maintain your work and family time while you study. Classes are sprinkled across time zones - of course not all times will work for all students, and that's fine! You'll often have an opportunity to vote on the class times that work for you. Also, rest assured... if it starts to feel like consensus that we need to adjust/slow down, we can flex the schedule to meet the needs.

We use GoogleCalendar to manage a reasonable schedule for those participating in the 200hr, 500hr, and Mentorship Circle with Anandra.

Note: Remember that the 500hr program includes re-doing the 200hr practices. :)

Here is our schedule from June 2021 to give you an idea (set to Hawai'i timezone). 

200hr TT sessions are blue (including optional Open Buddy Practice times to meet with fellow students to study together)
500hr TT sessions are orange
Mentorship Circle sessions are red (the additional, optional Mentorship Circle meetings are 1X monthly for 2 hours and scheduled by consensus. (Additional private sessions may be scheduled, too.))

If you don't have great internet access, or the live group practice schedule doesn't always work for you, don't worry!

The entire course is available via recordings online. You can start anytime, and go at your own pace!

All of the important content delivery & practice sessions are available online. (Office hours, buddy sessions, chai time chats, or other highly specific, personal connections are NOT recorded.)

However, when it comes time for the practicum (you teaching) you'll be required to teach live if you are pursuing the Yoga Alliance certification.

You'll have access to the online course for as long as we're in business. :)

📿 Personal Practice: We expect you to delight in spending 30-60 minutes per day doing your personal practice! You'll want to spend time with the Heart of Sound skills (Sanskrit alphabet, mantra chanting, vocal toning, empathetic listening, playing and chanting rāga-based songs).

🤓 Study: In addition to your personal practice, you'll spend 2-5 hours per week attending classes, reading, studying, watching video course content, and doing your homework and personal practice.

🌺 We often like listening to class recordings while walking or stretching on the floor.

🎤 Don't tell Sudhanshu, but some of us even do our sargam voice exercises along with his recording in the shower!

Practice Teaching: There is a minimum amount of teaching/practicum you must do to fulfil the certification requirements and beyond that you are encouraged to practice teach as often as you like, to the current TT students and/or the wider Heart of Sound community.

Since this is largely a self-paced course, and all classes are recorded, there's really no "falling behind," except that we can't guarantee that Anandra or other teaching team members will be available to hear practicum for certification, or office hours interaction indefinitely.

The online format allows for a self-paced, phased learning approach. We have put together an easy to follow self-study map which guides you through the course materials, allowing you to tick off your progress as you go, meaning you can work at a pace that suits you and your life.

Some who signed up for the 300hr Advanced TT in November 2020 received their certification by June 2021.

With ongoing enrolment and students at different phases of the course, it means whatever phase of the self-study map you are on, there will be someone at the same place as you. This makes our live group sessions rich and diverse and means there is always the opportunity to have buddy sessions with people at the same phase as you.

Know that you can continue to join us at any time and work at a pace that is perfect for you ❤️.

If you're signing up for advanced training (having already done the 200 hour courseyou'll attend the same LIVE practices that the 200 hour students participate in, but you'll be given a variety of focal points that deepen your personal relationship to the material, as well as increase your mastery as a chant leader.

Many of the training hours come from taking the 200hr training a second time but from a higher (deeper) vantage point.

Additional masterclasses are offered to complete the 300 hours, along with a brand-new manual, enrichment activities, and plenty of new skills to challenge a wide range of students.

Over the past 5 years of offering advanced training, we've found that this method of learning is highly effective.
(It used to be called the Teaching Assistant track, and was offered to a very limited number of people because of scheduling & staffing limitations.)

The initial round of practices and new content is SO RICH, the personal transformation is so profound that we've developed a tiered curriculum to help trainees get even more out of it the second time.

If you've already done it, you know with certainty that our 200 hour teacher training has always been more of a 500 hour course (and our previous advanced course has always been more of a 1000 hour course!)

We're happy to "grossly overdeliver" as one student fondly puts it... to offer you much more training value than you expect.

If you're signing up as a brand-new student to the 500hr course, you'll complete the 200hr course program first. You're welcome to stack on the 300hr material, too, or wait until you've done "round one" and do the rest later, with your special cohort on the same learning track.

Yes. This is a Yoga Alliance qualified 500 hour Teacher Training. You must register and pay for membership with YA, and once you complete all prerequisite and course materials with Heart of Sound, you can send request to YA for the certification.  

Q from a 200hr Online TT student:
I have the feeling like I am not yet ready or good enough for it. I'm still digesting so much from the 200hr Online TT. I am still working hard on a personal practice that’s not nearly as grounded as when I did my first yoga TTC and I had an established practice of 3 years. I need help discerning how I am using mantra and nada yoga with the public, how to share with others.

A from Anandra:
So integrity and authenticity are important to you? Love it. :)

For me the question is not "Am I practicing perfectly?" because I rarely feel that I am... but "Can I help others deepen their own practice?" and the answer is a definite YES.

This is an infinite field of study.

Please honor your inner voice about your personal pace of digestion; if it's right it's right! If it's not, it's not.

If the real reason is a narrative that you're "not good enough", you might want to look at that from a few other perspectives.

💓 You're welcome to take this and any Heart of Sound training solely for your personal growth and to be part of the practice community, whether or not you seek certification.💓

This is a hands-on training, and while the 200hr course is a comprehensive foundation in the yoga of sound, the 500hr level is all about deep digestion, integration, and embodied mastery in chant leadership! 😀

500-hr level students seeking professional certification will be required to:

  • Demonstrate your skills at a higher level of mastery than the 200hr students
  • Support 200hr students by offering discernment, reflection, and coaching on their skills (Sanskrit alphabet, mantra chanting, harmonium playing, etc.)
  • Lead a variety of chant experiences for the HOS community or general public that represent the appropriate range of sound-based skills for you. (For instance, James with a 10-year musical background will be challenged to lead a rāga-based kīrtan, while Sally who is new to music will be challenged to lead a simple mantra melody in unison.)
  • Propose, Submit, Review & Offer a full-length sound-based practice or workshop LIVE for the Heart of Sound teacher training community
  • Refine your offering by doing your full-length sound-based practice a second time (after implementing the feedback you received)

A thorough feedback and refinement process ensures that you (the 500hr trainee) gets invaluable reflection:

  • From new 200hr students
  • From your 500hr advanced training cohort
  • From the Teaching Team

We are currently only offering scholarship assistance for the 200hr Online Teacher Training.


If you're a brand-new student, please start with the curriculum for the 200-hour course as is.

You'll be invited to the exclusive 500hr Masterclasses and all guest lectures and will also be able to review them as often as you'd like.

This is layered learning. The more personal experience you have with the practices, the more our lecture Q&A discussions will "land."

The great value of this online format is that you have access to everything in recorded audio & video anytime!

After fulfilling the 500hr certification requirements and completing a year of mentorship with Anandra, you may qualify to become a Heart of Sound instructor.

According to your capabilities, you might be able to teach branded Heart of Sound chant experiences, workshops, and sound/mantra segments for other people's trainings. You may even qualify to help teach at our 200hr or 500hr trainings.

Becoming a Heart of Sound instructor will include permission to use copyrighted handouts as well as our customizable marketing materials.

We're contemplating the structure of legal, financial, and liability details and look forward to being able to offer this as an option for those interested in building a career sharing the transformational power of sound.

Yes, most likely.

You'll want to double-check with your tax preparer, but if you are in the wellness industry this course would probably be considered continuing education for professional development and be 100% deductible.

Since Anandra started teaching mantra globally in 2009, she has been living extensively in India. When profits exceed expenses, funds have been used to directly support numerous educational and social service projects in India. The Heart of Sound teacher training was also designed as an instrument to perpetuate legacy: it supports her music Guruji and his senior students to continue their musical tradition (both financially and via new student referrals).

After factoring in annual basic business expenses and modest admin + teaching salaries, our end-of-year statement usually works out to show a very small profit. (For instance, in 2019, it was $7,329.). However, we're grateful we've been able to continue to serve due to a combination of frugal management, barter, and extensive volunteer support.

Our hope is that the new online era of teaching will enable us to share the sound-based practices with more students worldwide and increase our ability to offer more scholarships as well as grow our service projects like Mantras for Peace and the Sacred Sound Stage. (To get involved, contact [email protected] to volunteer)

In each course, there's a Pay it Forward section where you can go to find out more about the specific India service projects.

If you'd feel safer to have more detailed financial transparency, you're welcome to contact us.


If you've already browsed the FAQ & preparatory course and would like to connect, let us know! And/or join us for the next free Yoga of Sound event, and hang on afterwards to ask Anandra any questions you have about joining a course!


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