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About Anandra

A pioneer in sound yoga around the globe, Anandra is most well known in the yoga of sound, mantra, kirtan chant, bhakti yoga, and sound healing niches.

She's conversant in medical and scientific sound healing research, the latest in trauma treatment approaches using sound, cultural appropriation, and reverence for the Indian yogic traditions. Interviewers comment that she's down to earth, funny, passionate, practical, and inspiring.


Anandra's Online Press Kit

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Anandra George (C-IAYT, E-RYT500) is an internationally respected teacher of sound and mantra.

Anandra's Bio Talking Points:

  • Lived in ashrams in India for several years, at the personal invitation of some of India’s most revered spiritual leaders to sing and teach in their ashrams.
  • Has taught Sanskrit pronunciation and mantra meditation with great transformational success to thousands of students from every continent, every major religion, and every major language family.
  • Developed the world’s first 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher training course focused entirely on the transformational power of sound. (The curriculum includes very little of the stretchy kind of yoga, and focuses instead on Sanskrit, mantra, music, and communication. Sanskrit is the anatomy portion, for instance.)
  • Studied mantra and philosophy both in India and with American teachers.
  • Trains in Hindustani vocal music in Delhi with master teacher and top grade artist Pandit Baldev Raj Verma of the Indore Gharana.
  • Performs and teaches at some of the world’s most famous yoga and sacred music festivals (Bhakti Fest (US), Yoga Fest Yokohama (Japan), and International Yoga Festival (India))
  • Created Mantras for Peace, a service project run by volunteers and graduates of the Heart of Sound teacher training and featured in radio, TV, online newsmedia. Thousands of people are chanting for peace daily around the world.
  • Created the Sacred Sound Stage at the prestigious International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India in 2017, to provide a platform for the yoga of sound to regain it’s central role in the greater tradition of yoga.
  • Created an open-source anti-sexual harassment and guru abuse Code of Conduct for yoga and spiritual festivals and implemented it at the International Yoga Festival in 2020.

Bio Data Options: 

Teacher - 173 words
Anandra is a pioneer in the global yoga community, re-introducing the ancient practice of sound as a fundamental practice. She created the world’s first registered yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformational power of sound and has students from over 40 countries. American by birth, Indian by soul, and global citizen by expression, she helps people feel the power of love through sound and express their most authentic contribution to the world.

She divides her time between India and Kaua’i island, Hawaii, and teaches mantra workshops and intensives worldwide. For more than 20 years, she’s been on “the path” and has been teaching and seeing private clients since 1999.

An internationally respected mantra teacher and sacred musician, she created the Sacred Sound Stage at the famous International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, India and founded the global Mantras for Peace project. She is frequently invited to teach and lead chanting/kīrtan at the world’s largest yoga festivals and presents alongside global thought leaders at various online summits. Her students from online meditation groups, workshops, and teacher trainings speak highly about their experiences. 

Teacher - 94 words
Anandra has studied in India extensively since 1997 and shares Sanskrit sounds, mantra meditation, and Indian music with global audiences at the behest of her beloved gurus. She created the Heart of Sound, world’s first yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformative power of sound. She also founded the Sacred Sound Stage at the prestigious International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh (India) and the global Mantras for Peace subtle activism project. She has taught and sung at the world’s largest yoga festivals, and is regularly featured in the press in Hindi, Japanese, and English.

Musician - 100 words – chant leading / kīrtan / performance 
Anandra presents an opportunity for audiences to experience the sacred sounds of Indian rāgas and ancient Sanskrit mantras in a masterful way so that awareness, the act of chanting, and the sound itself merge in a tangible, bliss-drenched experience of non-duality. Sound is the gateway of the mystics; it vibrates open the pathways to embodied divinity! After almost two decades of sitting at the feet of spiritual and musical masters in India, she conveys a rare invitation to experience the metaphysical science of rāga, Sanskrit, and mantra (with the full acknowledgement that the path into the mysteries has just begun!) No musical experience is required to attend and benefit from her chant experiences.

Coach - 130 words
With over 20 years of experience as an international transformational teacher and coach, Anandra’s leadership presence literally sings with love and integrity as she empowers clients into a fully embodied experience of the raw power of love in service. She has been a mentor and confidante to Fortune 500 executives, philanthropists, thought leaders, and inspired change-agents in every professional sector, race, religion, and gender identity. In 2014 she created the Heart of Sound, the world’s first yoga teacher training focused entirely on the transformational power of sound, which has been wildly successful in creating exponential impact with teachers in over 40 countries on 6 continents so far. Anandra combines her wealth of applied coaching wisdom with the phenomenally powerful tools of sound and mantra to help change-agents achieve maximal resonance and influence.

Coach - 90 words
With over 20 years of experience as an international transformational teacher and coach, Anandra’s leadership presence literally sings with love and integrity as she empowers clients into a fully embodied experience of the raw power of love in service. She has been a mentor and confidante to Fortune 500 executives, philanthropists, thought leaders, and inspired change-agents in every professional sector, race, religion, and gender identity. Anandra combines her wealth of applied coaching wisdom with the phenomenally powerful tools of sound and mantra to help change-agents achieve maximal resonance and influence.

To request an interview with Anandra, please contact us by email [email protected]. Below are some possible interview angles and sample questions, but the list is by no means exhaustive.

Cultivating a musical way of being in an often-discordant world
Can we listen when we're stressed? How does our fear response affect our ability to perceive accurately?
Can you give an example of a "musical response" to dissonance, disharmony, and disjointed rhythm in daily life?
How can conscious musicality affect our relationships?

What is so special about Sanskrit?
Is pronunciation really as important as some people say it is?
Can you tell us about the metaphysical connections with Sanskrit (cakras, tattvas, body correlations)?
How did you get Sanskrit approved as the anatomy portion of your registered yoga teacher training? Explain!
Can you do mantra in other languages also?
What do you think about cultural appropriation, “white privilege,” and Sanskrit mantra these days?

Mantra for the Modern Yogī
Can you tell us a mantra for ___________?
How do you pronounce ___________ mantra correctly?
How does mantra affect your psychology? Can it help with depression and anxiety?
What is Ayurvedic psychology and why is it useful for modern people?
Does mantra work for modern, urban people?
What is single the most important benefit of mantra meditation for modern people?
I live with other people and don’t like my voice. Can I chant a mantra silently and get the same effects?
Why do you advocate 40 day practices? What’s so special about 40 days?
Why is 108X the standard for mantra repetition?
What is the difference between OM and AUM?
What does OM/AUM really mean?
Is one mantra better than the other? Is there one “best” mantra for everyone?
Why are there so many mantras to so many Hindu Gods?
Are mantras really “to” Hindu Gods? I feel weird praying to an elephant.
What would you say to a Christian (Muslim, Jew, etc.) about mantra meditation? Does it conflict with their religion?

What is more important, devotion or pronunciation?
Can you feel the effect of mantra even if you don’t know the meaning?
How many of the popular Western kīrtan artists are pronouncing the mantras accurately?
Why don’t you have an album?
What would your Indian gurus think of the growing festival style kīrtan scene in the US?
Do Indians like kīrtan – is it cool among young people?
What is it like to lead kīrtan on the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh, with thousands of Indians in the audience?
Has living in a holy city in India changed your perception of kīrtan?
What are the differences between modern American/Western kīrtan scene and traditional Indian practice?

Sacred Sound
What is the difference between sacred sound and ordinary sound?
What is the yoga of sound?
Is there a scientific basis for the yoga of sound?
How do other cultures (besides Indian) use sound for their mystic practices?
Can sound be used for healing? How?

India & the West
How do Indians use mantra today?
Why is mantra such a big part of the yoga tradition?
What kind of response do you (an American, white woman) get when teaching Sanskrit, mantra and Indian music in India?
What are some of the ancient sound-based practices of the Himalayan yogīs?
What advice would you give to someone wanting to go deep into study in India?
Do you have any practical advice for women travelers especially?
What is your hope for the future of yoga in India? In the world?
What is it like living in an international yoga hotspot like Rishikesh?

Singing and Vocal Health
How can a person discover their natural voice?
What advice can you give to secret singers who want to free their voices?
Are there any anatomical changes or breath/postural advice you can give that can affect a person’s enjoyment of the voice?
Is there any connection between being truthful and having a beautiful voice?
Has your own voice changed since you’ve been doing these practices?

Mantra in Japan
How did you (an American, white woman) become so successful teaching mantra in Japan?
How is mantra being used in the yoga community in Japan?
What is it like teaching mantra in Japan with translators?
How is teaching in Japan different than teaching in India, or in the West?

Personal Story
How did you get started on this path?
How long have you been teaching/doing music/singing/meditating?
How have these practices transformed your own life?

Cultural Appropriation
What can a chant lover do to affect equality and social justice?
What are some common narratives you've heard that perpetuate cultural violence in the kīrtan world? What's an example of a rewritten narrative that doesn't harm?
What indigenous and South Asian voices are you listening to/watching/reading to educate yourself on in this space?

Patriarchal Paradigms in Yoga
Why did you create an anti-sexual harassment and guru abuse Code of Conduct for the yoga festival you're involved in?
What are some of the hallmarks of a chant experience that is non-hierarchical and supports an embodied, empowered experience?

There are headshots and a variety of images to choose from in the Media Resources folder including brand images and Heart of Sound logos.

“Anandra sings with true devotion. Her voice has the Divine Touch, and goes right to the heart!”
-H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati of Parmarth Ashram, Rishikesh

"In short, I’m nominating her for TED because she’s truly awesome. And I mean this in the real definition of the word…“inspiring awe.”
Zena el Khalil, Senior TED Fellow and graduate of the Heart of Sound 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training course

“The same morning of this interview I attended a beautifully intense and transformative sunrise morning meditation with Anandra next to the Ganga river. This woman has magic in her! Following this interview, I have found a whole new depth of understanding and appreciation for mantra and the yoga of sound. Anandra is offering up something really important and uniquely special. There’s no doubt that I’ve caught the yoga of sound bug after spending this time with her!
-Magda Rod, Visionary Lifestyle Podcast

“I just watched your interview with the Yoga Day Summit and LOVED it and LOVE you… Mantra is one of the greatest gifts I have experienced through my yoga life. You are so uniquely talented at expressing and describing the art, skill and essence of mantra.”
-Tracy Fox (via Facebook comment)

“I saw your interview with Dayna at the recent Yoga & Self-Mastery Summit online, and was mesmerized and moved by it and by the thought of singing again.  I have experienced the power of music, especially sacred music, and I would love to go deeper with this expression.”
– Sherri

“Anandra has created a meticulously crafted, elegantly delivered teacher training that guides her students from outward identification with ego to a space of inner fullness. The sound-based practices are both practical and esoteric. Each of the graduates of my class walked away with great inspiration and an enthusiasm for sharing the knowledge gained in our 200 hour program. Most of us found that in addition to feeling well-prepared by the breadth and depth of the curriculum, we were also deeply changed by the practices. I will recommend this program to anyone who is ready for deep change in their yoga practice and in their lives.”
-Kathy Bolte, Los Angeles yoga teacher and graduate of the Heart of Sound 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training course (USA)

“Anandra, your teachings allowed the mantras to come to life within: Every sound within the mantra became a living, breathing essence that carried me deeper and deeper within the heart. Thank you for this profound gift.”
-Kathryn Wiese, Certified Anusara Yoga Instructor and Kīrtan Wallah

“What I have been learning about spirituality all these years is now in my hands: primordial love, eternal energy. Before I felt disconnected, as though I was reaching for something I could not attain. After this 40 day mantra practice I feel a very deep level of spirituality in my daily life. Thank you so much for offering me the opportunity to integrate this incredible experience through mantra!”
Abundance in ALL Forms online mantra group participant

“I’m really loving this work with you–it’s like very targeted turbo-therapy. You are a truly wise, smart, not-holier-than-thou, tapped-in guide. Thank you.”
-V.R., New York, 40-Day Mantra Program client, Summer ’09

Blog post from a Tokyo student:


The International Yoga Festival (Rishikesh, India), Asia’s biggest yoga festival Yoga Fest Yokohama (Japan), Hanuman Festival (US), Bhaktifest (US), Wanderlust (US), True Nature (Japan), the Indo-China Festival at Jageshwar (India), and Mysore Yoga Festival (China) have invited Anandra to present mantra workshops and lead kīrtan.

Dates past & present:
The International Yoga Festival (Rishikesh India, 2014-present)
Hanuman Festival (2018)
Bhaktifest (USA, 2010-2011)
Yoga Fest Yokohama (2014-2017)
True Nature (Japan, 2013)
Wanderlust (Oahu TT, 2013)
Mysore Yoga Festival (China, 2017)


Embrace Growth Podcast Integrating Heart, Mind, Word & Deed 

Yoga Day Summit 2018 This interview was part of the Yoga Day Summit, a free online event featuring a visionary community of yogis who reveal yoga practices, guided meditations and healing breathwork to invigorate your mind, body and spirit. 

Yoga & The Subtle Body 2018 Presented by Hanuman Academy

Yoga & Wisdom of Nature Summit 2018 Presented by Hanuman Academy

Conscious Woman Rising 2018 PANACEA FOR THE CONSCIOUS WOMAN: The Sound of Love

Yoga Day Summit 2017 Video Interview on Mantras for Peace

Yoga & Self-Mastery Summit 2017 Presented by Hanuman Academy

Yoga Chat Show Podcast on Yoga Around the World

Uplift Media Global Interviewed for several upcoming documentaries: The Science Behind Yoga, Sacredness of Water. Also, recorded on We are One Heart peace song along with international musicians. 

Visionary Lifestyle Podcast On the Yoga of Sound

Global Shift Meditation Webcast on Mantras for Peace

Soul Traveller Radio Australian radio show

Yoga Day Summit 2016 Video Interview on Sacred Sound

Please email [email protected] with your request to interview Anandra before scheduling a time at the link below:

Singing Kīrtan and Mantra Training with Anandra

Visit on YouTube for participatory Chant Experiences & Mantra Sound Baths! Here are a few clips of Anandra singing with mantra & nada yoga teacher training groups

Festival & Media Appearances

Sound Interviews with Anandra

Visit on YouTube to see Anandra's interviews on Yoga Day Summit, Hanuman Academy, Conscious Woman Rising, SheHeals, Mantras for Peace, and more.


Yogic Herald Anandra is a bi-monthly contributor on esoteric Sanskrit/mantra articles for India’s leading monthly Yoga, Ayurveda & Wellness Magazine.

Australian Yoga Journal Interview with Anandra on the increasing popularity of Kīrtan and mantra in the West. Australian Yoga Journal is Australia’s leading magazine for the yoga community.

Disctopia Interview on Mantra Yoga & devotional music for this US-based blog and social media channel

New Music Alert Interview on Mantra Yoga and life coaching


The Nine Gifts  Contribution to the book The Nine Gifts: A First Aid Kit for Mind, Body and Spirit by Christine Marie Mason, with Jeff Greenwald.

Amarujala Several featured articles in India’s largest Hindi newspaper 

Shift Magazine Interview with online publication with 200,000+ subscribers 

Speaking Tree Featured on India’s largest online spiritual community run by the Times of India

Yogini Magazine Regularly featured articles and interviews in Japan’s most established yoga publication, over a period of 2 years.


Yoga Aktuell Featured article in German yoga publication Featured “ask a life coach” column with over 50 articles

Delhi Times Featured in the main daily paper in New Delhi, India for kīrtan and mantra classes

Pranava Contributed a series of esoteric Sanskrit/mantra articles for the US independent publication


In the emerging fields of sound medicine, and the global kīrtan renaissance, Anandra has influenced a wide variety of projects. Her commitment to equality and social justice is ongoing. She is open to proposals for future collaborative efforts.

Sacred Sound Stage

Anandra created a platform exclusively for the yoga of sound (mantra, nada yoga, sound healing, and all things music therapy) at the world famous International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh India. Since 2017, she and a team of Heart of Sound volunteers have hosted the one-of-a-kind Sacred Sound Stage, brining together a truly global community of sound yogis from 120+ countries!


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