Sound Bath with Mantra, Raga and Nada Yoga! Now Online.

A friend of mine attended a live chant event I led last week, and gushed about how it felt like a sound bath to just listen to me singing, the bansuri flute playing, and hear the group singing along with the rāgas and mantras.

Normally, I try to get people to DO THE PRACTICE with us, because I figure it's like food... you get more out of it when you chew it and swallow it yourself vs. watching someone else eat. That's why I have (stubbornly) stuck to empowering people looking to really train in mantra and nada yoga with skills, techniques, and practices.

While I...

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Sound Healing through Mantra & Nada Yoga

I shied away from using the term "sound healing" to describe what I do for over a decade, because I thought most people associated it with gong baths or crystal bowls. (That's not the type of sound healing I do or teach.)

However, the mantra and nada yoga courses we offer very definitely explore sound healing training in its most essential sense! It's my opinion that sound that comes from our own unique instrument - our voices - is the core of any sound healing practice for self growth.

Your voice is a one-of-a-kind, highly refined, infinitely sensitive healing...

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