MUST READ: A Narrative for Realistic Utopia in "The Ministry for the Future"

I am mostly thoroughly uninspired by most futuristic science fiction. But this book has been A GAME CHANGER and has given me a hopeful (but realistic) narrative to cling to as we head face-first into one climate-change caused disaster after another. Given last week's hurricane winds causing fires on lush tropical Māui, this week's historic hurricane causing flooding in the desert... It's hard to take it all in and not feel hopeless and overwhelmed about the decades ahead.

Exercising Agency for our Mental Health: Masterminding Our Narratives

Rather than lean outwards...

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Easy 5-minute Mantra Meditation for Disasters, Non-Religious Prayer

Why Prayer Helps During Disasters (Even if You're NOT Religious!)

  • In the sense that prayer keeps a situation close to our heart and in our thoughts, it's very useful.
  • Listening in, in a state of prayer, can help us feel connected to those affected.
  • It can inspire us to use our resources to help, in ways we hadn't thought of before we spent that time in prayer.
  • It can give us a sense of agency that we're at least doing something, when we otherwise feel helpless.

Here's a very simple 5-minute mantras for peace chanting meditation we recorded on Kaua'i a few years...

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Prep Outshines Prayer! Top 15 Ways to Support Hawaii's Climate Disaster Victims

I was in Māui the day before the fires. Michele and I led a couple of truly magical, perfect chant events that weekend... and then the hurricane winds started in so strongly it was difficult to walk on the streets. Scary, but our HOS family is relatively unscathed and far from the damage.

I've been up close and personal with extreme weather in India for decades, so the acceleration of climate change is no surprise. Someone (often several simultaneously) from our global family of chant lovers is dealing with a climate crisis almost constantly. I feel empathy...

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