Learn Nada Yoga for Sound Healing and Music Meditation - A Sneak Peak into Nada Yoga Training Online

Do you wish to experience your voice as an inner sound healing meditation? Sing yourself fully alive on the path of healing sound with the wisdom of 3 generations of Hindustanī Classical musicians converges in this unequaled course designed for the modern lover of meditative music.

Naada Yoga: Enter the mystical world of Indian ragas at your own pace!

In this Nāda Yoga online course you get musical foundations for a lifetime of blissful connection and creative expression.

With 100 years of teaching experience combined, Guruji, Sudhanshu, and Anandra offer you every possible online tool to bless your path of sound healing yoga for the voice!

  • No prior experience is necessary.
  • Continuing Education Credits available for Registered Yoga Teachers!

Nada Yoga Course Sneak Peek! This unparalleled online course offers:

  • 30+ hours of video teaching with Anandra, Sudhanshu, and Guruji; a mix of live classroom teacher training footage and recordings made just for you.

  • A 40-page PDF handbook of scale charts, practice exercises, rāga overviews, and a rāga-based kīrtan songbook, and much more!

It was HARD to keep this sneak peak (below) 👇🏽 to under 12 minutes, since there are so many great learning resources we've put into place for our sound yoga trainees.

Your life will be profoundly transformed after experiencing the power of Nāda Yoga and awakening to the Heart of Sound!!!

"The deep emotional journey of sound is something Anandra is truly gifted at. As a teacher she knows how to articulate the impact of sound on the spirit in profound and insightful ways. As a practitioner she guides people on journeys through their hills, valleys, caverns and skies via voice. For me this journey of sound has opened new channels into the self, it has given me a new language of expression, and helped me grow as a person. It is not just about the special moments and experiences, it also presents a broader approach to life and living."

Boaz Mourad, Ph.D., CEO and NYU Professor

Your Nada Yoga training self study course online could look like this:

  • Guided practice MP3s you can listen to anywhere and practice on your phone on your commute.
  • Step-by-step, call-and-response learning that instills good practice habits and prepares you to sing with confidence.
  • Do your short daily sound nāda yoga practice on the train (mentally, softly) with the app

If you're ready for a profound home immersion and self-study program designed for your maximum empowerment, this is for you!

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS of any age are welcome; we have a special section just for you.

KĪRTAN LEADERS wishing for a rāga-based improvisation style into their practice will be in heaven; we include full training & an extensive repertoire.

This nada yoga teacher training depth online course takes you into the mystical and practical foundations of a personal Indian music practice.

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