Cultivating Musical Resilience: Sound Yoga Practices for Uncomfortable Feelings

With existential stressors continuing to pile up, our personal lives and relationships are feeling the strain too.

This Yoga of Sound experience gets right to the grit of our daily tension points!

Enjoy this melodic, heart-opening immersion into sound and mantra that is specially designed to lubricate the pathway towards harmonious, best-case scenarios in your life.

🤔 Can we listen in to the discomfort, make space for it, and embrace a nuanced, curious, empathetic, both/and approach that opens into a wide range of creative solutions?
😡 Or are we stuck with a limited range of knee-jerk, inflammatory, either/or, shut down & check out, or punch the enemy in the face options?

Cultivating a musical response to life is the primary takeaway from our sound yoga approach in the Heart of Sound community.

Let’s do the work together.
Let’s flex and stretch our compassionate response muscles through the Yoga of Sound.

Maybe next time we’re faced with an uncomfortable feeling, we’ll have a range of musical responses laid out before us!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The shared Sanskrit Mantra

(From Darkness to Light)

Asato Mā Sadgamaya
Tamaso Mā Jyotir Gamaya
Mṛtyormā Amṛtaṁ Gamaya

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Why Sound? 🎶

The eternal thread that connects creation with the creator is sacred sound. All mystic traditions concur, and the direct, tangible, blissful path of pure vibration is accessible to all! No dogma and no experience are required; this retreat is simply an invitation into the heart-opening, timeless practices of mantra and music.

A little skills training, philosophical and scientific understanding, and sensitivity to cultural appropriation are necessary if we hope to develop its potential in our lives. That's why Anandra created the Heart of Sound courses! Many are totally free.

Learn more about sound healing yoga, mantra meditation, and nada yoga here:

Most of all, we hope you’ll join our global community of chant lovers in dedicating your heart's voice to be an instrument of love and service in the world!🌎


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