Sound Healing for Burnout and Empathy Overload: Mental Mantra Massage

This free chant experience is specially designed as sound healing for burnout and empathy overload, offering stress relief, a mental mantra massage, and a heartwarming connection with our global community. Experience a nourishing sound-based practice with internationally respected Sanskrit mantra teacher and musician Anandra George.

In this Sound Healing for Burnout & Empathy Overload chant experience, you will:

  • Connect with a global community in a sound-based practice designed to nourish, regenerate, and cultivate resilience.
  • Learn how to use sound...
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Beginner Sanskrit Peace Mantras - Online Yoga of Sound Chant Experience

Each month Anandra offers a free, beginner-friendly, sound healing mantra chant experience. Here's a sweet medley of peace mantras...

Discover the power of beginner-friendly Sanskrit mantras and learn about nāda yoga, sound healing training, and strengthening your listening, empathy, and peacemaking capacity. Experience the benefits of a sound-based practice for subtle body hygiene and gracefully navigate life's challenges.

In this beginner Sanskrit mantra chant experience, you will:

  • Connect with a global community in a sound-based practice designed to nourish,...
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Bhakti Yoga: Keep Practicing Until Your Knee-jerk Reaction is LOVE

What is the practical end result of sustained sound-based yoga?

Sustained, embodied LOVE.

The great masters have always said that there is nothing wrong with the world. The only problem is with our perception. When we are pure, we see everything and everyone as pure.

That state is not far-fetched, it’s tantalizingly close!

I could beat around the bush, but in truth, the methods of sound-based yoga as we teach them in the Heart of Sound training bring us swiftly to the empowerment of that choice. And that is the real reason we developed the training.

We want...

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