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Anandra and a team of global chant-loving volunteers have poured their hearts into these free training courses for you!

Free sound wellness resources for you to enjoy: nāda yoga, Sanskrit mantra, sound healing yoga therapy, and kīrtan chant.


Featured Free Sound Training:

Orienting to the Heart of Sound

Orienting to the Heart of Sound

Start here: a mini course of practical tips & expanded perspectives on the transformational power of sound. The Heart of Sound awaits...

This free sound training course contains:

  • 4 Video Lessons
  • Advice from Anandra
  • Inspiration for Orienting and Refining Your Practice into the heart of the sound, for YOU

If your heart wants to sing but you don't know where to start... or if you already LOVE chanting, kīrtan, or Sanskrit mantra and want to deepen your practice!


Free Sound & Mantra Training Hub

Top 15 free sound healing yoga and mantra therapy resources!

Free Mantra Therapy First Aid:
Sound Survival Skills EVERYONE Should Know!

During tough & tense times, what is the skillstack you need to move towards the best-case scenario vs. default to the worst possible outcome?

In this mini masterclass I want to show you:
The sound survival skills EVERYONE should know!

Instant nervous system hacks to:
CHILL the trigger moment,
Step back from the point of no return,
Create space and awareness,
Lean into curiosity & collaborative strategy
If you DON’T have these sound survival skills, you’re likely to:
Let your trigger pull YOU
Past the point of no return,
Crash and burn hope for harmony,
Get stuck in the rubble of grief
If you have a tense situation going on in your life right now, or you know someone who does… HELP IS ON THE WAY!
Why am I doing this?
Because it 💔 that I teach transformational tools that are NOT common knowledge, and I want you to have these hacks when you need them most.

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Experience the Heart of Sound LIVE w/Anandra!

Love chanting? Curious about the power of sound? Join us for a FREE, LIVE Yoga of Sound experience with Anandra!

Themes change monthly, and there's always time afterwards to chat, ask questions, and connect personally.


"Where else can you be so vulnerable, so tender, so open? So kept in sound, silence and love? So in resonance with everything in you and around you? I've been longing for my whole life, and our time will be wearing me for the next lives. I miss the sound of your beings, dear Heart of Sound family!"

Aleah Gītāñjali Gandharvika
Musician with the Love Keys, Germany

Free Sound & Mantra Yoga Teacher Training

Does your heart long to be a kīrtan leader, nāda yoga or mantra meditation teacher? We made this free peace mantras chant leader training for you!

Use this free course to lead a mantras for peace chant session!

  • Videos & audios of Anandra teaching the main peace mantras
  • Sanskrit mantra pronunciation tips and meanings
  • Handouts with the mantra lyrics beautifully written out (for you to share with your participants)
  • Background sounds to use if you don't have any instruments
  • Graphics, marketing copy and #hashtags to use for promotion
  • Instructions on how to host your own Mantras for Peace gathering in your community
  • Online event how-to, including ZOOM room sound instructions, tips & tricks
  • 💓 Aspiring chant leaders with no musical experience, WELCOME! This it has everything you need; all you have to do is provide your 💓💓💓!

Welcome to our global community of peacemakers!

I've seen people offering similar bhakti yoga trainings or harmonium 101 courses for $597 and up; but they don't even teach the mantras accurately! This sound yoga teacher training is completely free, developed by Anandra and the Mantras for Peace volunteers.


"I LOVE the realization that every chant connects with our yogis and all the others chanting for peace. In the Jewish tradition we are taught that there are 36 righteous individuals who are keeping the planet humming along... so maybe there are 36 mystic-rabbis plus the Himalayan and all of us modern yogis!! LOVE IT. Thank you for this lovely daily reminder!"

Sandy Koi

Free Mantra Yoga E-Book

As a beginner's guide to mantra meditation, this 34-page book covers:

  • What is a Mantra
  • The Stages of Mantra
  • Meditation from “Life Jacket” to Divine Life
  • Why Sanskrit?
  • What is Jāpa?
  • Mantra Meditation for Total Beginners
  • OṀ (or AUṀ)
  • Learning Mantras
  • How Important is Pronunciation?
  • Top 3 Reasons to Learn the Sanskrit Alphabet
  • No Dogma, As Promised.
  • Are Mantras to Hindu Gods
  • More Mantra Yoga FAQ
  • Sāttvic, Rājasic & Tāmasic Use of Mantra
  • BONUS: Are you a Seeker or a Finder?
  • How to Change a Nasty Habit

Anandra wrote this in 2009, and it's stil a valuable resource for Mantra Yoga FAQ!


"Thank you from the loving depths of my heart for sharing your souls wisdom with us. I have received your Mantra E-Book and also have started the 40 days mantra chanting "Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu”. I am entering a space of vibration that i have never felt before and I feel so blessed for your gift. I am so truly grateful, bless you!"


Free Chant Experiences w/Anandra

Chant & mantra lovers looking to explore the full sound healing power of Nāda Yoga can explore our free library of previous Free Yoga of Sound Chant Experiences led by Anandra, Heart of Sound Founder. Recorded LIVE from a variety of locations, these are designed as ACTIVE participation chant sessions (you chant along for best effect), not a soundtrack or playlist to passively listen to.

Are you in one of our group 40-day mantra circles?

Make sure you are signed up for these awesome tips 👇🏼

40 Days of Mantra Meditation Free Tips

Tips delivered daily to help you establish a regular mantra meditation practice.  Starting a 40-day practice? Sign up to get these free tips, delivered daily by email!

These tips emerged out of Anandra's 25 years of guiding people through the life-changing, mind-healing practice of regular mantra meditation.

We've sent these tips out to more than 10,000 people over the years!


"It's uncanny how I'll have a question for Anandra floating in my thoughts, and I'll open my email and it's answered in these tips. You've also answered so many things I wouldn't have even known to ask. They're invaluable! Thank you :)"

Jill Roberts

Hey, are you in our Sacred Sanskrit Sounds course?

Make sure you check out this Sanskrit Mantra Pronunciation video too! 👇🏼

Learn Basic Sanskrit Mantra Pronunciation

Free Sanskrit Mantra pronunciation tips lovers of sacred sound! Tune up your chanting, address common mistakes, and increase your reverence and devotion to the power of Sanskrit mantra with this introductory series. Sanskrit Mantra Yoga: Pronunciation (the LEAST you need to know!)

"I’ve been chanting mantra for 33 years but nothing like the way Anandra teaches... It has profoundly altered my inner experience to take this online Sanskrit mantra course! "


Free Sound Baths Online with Nāda Yoga, Sanskrit Mantra, Indian Raga

Rest and receive as Anandra leads you through a mostly passive mantra sound bath using simple nāda yoga techniques for addressing burnout, anxiety, depression, and stress. Mantras are vibrational medicine that will nourish you mind, body, and soul!

Preparation for Teacher Training

Interested in joining the 200/300/500 hour Heart of Sound Training &/or an in-person retreat training? Want to learn more? Your journey starts with this FREE preparation course packed full of info!

Everything you need to know, in one fun online course!

What you'll get:

  • Learn all about the teacher training course contents
  • Watch students speak about their experiences
  • Get all of your FAQ answered
  • Learn about the incredible locations of our in-person retreats (which can be combined with the online teacher training!!) 

Plus, it's a resource hub even *after* you've registered.
#planningandpreparation #empowerment



"I've done lots of online courses and I've never seen anything like the Heart of Sound 500hr teacher training! The quality and quantity is amazing. I have a lifetime of learning at my fingertips, and the regular schedule of live classes, practices gives me a real feeling of community."

Emma Flick
Musician, Mom, Retreat Center Owner/Chef, Australia



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