Mantra is Potent Sound Medicine! A personal reminder of the healing power of sound & mantra!

I spent 6 hours in mantra meditation last week, attending a very traditional South Indian temple pūja at the magnificent Hindu Monastery on Kaua’i. (The same temple we'll visit during our upcoming Kauai Hawaii Mantra & Nāda Yoga Retreat)

I’m here to report the power of mantra, the far-reaching past-present-future benefits I feel from sitting in the forcefield of the sound vibrations!!!

To set the stage, let me tell you specifically how I engaged with the ceremony:
I had brought my mālā with me, knowing I’d want to do my own jāpa even as I kept my...

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Cultivating a Musical Response to Divisiveness and Existential Fear

Cultivating a musical response to the symphony of dissonant notes screaming for attention in our world right now is not a distant, poetic idea. It’s a tangible, practical skill. Uncomfortable, yes. Difficult, yes. Full of the mess of aliveness, yes. A swift and tidy spiritual bypass would be much easier. But leaning in to listen deeply, to feel what’s truly alive in us, can also make this moment resonant with hope and possibility.

Have you been tempted to write off someone in your life who has (or hasn’t) adopted a particular conspiracy narrative...

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Sanskrit, Mantra & Harmonium Resource List

After reading my free e-book on mantra yoga or taking one of my mantra courses, you’ve probably decided you want to make precise Sanskrit a part of your chanting practice. Then what!? MOST of the mantra information online is frustratingly not accurate.

Here is a precious list of resources I’ve collected for you. Over the years this post has become a catch-all for other commonly asked questions, like "How do I type in transliterated Sanskrit?" and "What harmoniums do you recommend?" We'll keep updating it for you as we can.



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