Buying a Harmonium: Where, How, and What to Look Out For!

Almost no two harmoniums are alike! Your harmonium might become your new best friend for your chanting practice, but they can also be tricky to buy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to buy a harmonium.

Method of Purchase: Online or In Person?

  1. It's always best to play the instrument first to be sure you enjoy it's "voice." Without getting into too much technical detail, let's just say there are many different construction factors that can change the harmonium's sound. Look and ask around in your local area to see if someone has a harmonium for...
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Sanskrit, Mantra & Harmonium Resource List

After reading my free e-book on mantra yoga or taking one of my mantra courses, you’ve probably decided you want to make precise Sanskrit a part of your chanting practice. Then what!? MOST of the mantra information online is frustratingly not accurate.

Here is a precious list of resources I’ve collected for you. Over the years this post has become a catch-all for other commonly asked questions, like "How do I type in transliterated Sanskrit?" and "What harmoniums do you recommend?" We'll keep updating it for you as we can.



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