Empower Your Leadership Voice: Smash the Patriarchy Sound Yoga Therapy FREE Experience!

What if your voice rose from your belly, shimmering with natural power and grace?

What if you felt both safe to feel and free to express yourself exactly as you are?

What if you savored the pleasure of harmonious vibration surging through your body?

For me, that is what we all lose in patriarchal, hierarchical power dynamics (regardless of which gender you identify with).

I've been on a not-so-secret mission to untangle the not-so-subtle restrictions of a patriarchal system on my own voice for years now, and it's a thread of conversation we often weave throughout...

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Completing the Stress Cycle - Burnout & Emotional Digestion

In their book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle, twin sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski (sex therapist and singer, respectively) brilliantly cite evidence-based research on stress.

One of the key points they elaborate on is the difference between eliminating a stressor and completing the stress cycle. Completing the stress cycle means letting it run all the way to the end so it’s not getting trapped in your body. 

Shoutout to yogīs who have thousands of years worth of "existing data"! Yogīs already know that “the issues are...
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