Learn How to Pronounce Sacred Sanskrit Sounds for Mantra Meditation - A Sneak Peek into our Best-Selling Online Course!

Do you LOVE mantra, but feel unsure if you're pronouncing the Sanskrit correctly? Have you been waiting for a course that's juicy, embodied, fun, and easy? 

It was HARD to keep this sneak peek (below) 👇🏽 to under 12 minutes, since there are so many great learning resources we've put into place for our sound yoga trainees.

Learning Sacred Sanskrit Sounds will forever elevate your experience of mantra!

This One of a Kind Sanskrit Pronunciation Course Includes:

  • 20+ hours of video teaching with Anandra, a mix of live classroom teacher training footage and recordings made just for you

  • A 55-page PDF handbook of Alphabet charts, diagrams, pronunciation notes, transliteration tips, mantra reference guide, and much more
  • 20+ Mantra Mp3s with slow, exaggerated pronunciation designed for absolute beginners (and inaccurately trained mantra chanters!) to help you train/retrain your ear and your tongue

Siddhi Śakti, a mantra teacher from Australia, says:
"Anandra's teachings on how to make the Sanskrit sounds have revolutionized my chanting practice! I am one of those many chant lovers who didn't know what I didn't know... but after learning the alphabet sounds with her Tantrik approach, the mantras I loved dearly before have come alive in profoundly awesome new ways!"

Your Self-Study of Sacred Sanskrit Sounds course online could look like this:

  • Guided practice MP3s you can listen to anywhere and practice on your phone on your commute.
  • Step-by-step, call-and-response practice checklists that instill good habits and prepare you to chant with confidence
  • Mobile app or computer course access for your convenience

If you're ready for a profound home immersion and self-study program designed for your maximum empowerment, this is for you!

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Live Online Classes & Practices + Hybrid Local Workshops & Study Groups!

Dive right in and experience the excitement with:

  • LIVE 1-on-1, troubleshooting, and refinement from Anandra during regular online feedback sessions
  • Empathy strategies for processing your newfound knowledge in a global community wherein cultural appropriation is mainstream, and most chant leaders don't know what they don't know! ;)
  • Every answer to every question Anandra has received in 10 years of teaching Sanskrit pronunciation to chant lovers around the globe woven into the curriculum
  • And a whole lot more!

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Start your Sacred Sanskrit Sounds course anytime, and go at your own pace!

This 7-module mantra training online course takes you on an in-depth exploration of the 50 Sanskrit vibrations in an embodied, sensual approach. Then we learn how to chant with the prescribed "Vedic" melody, using a curriculum that even total music beginners can enjoy!


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