200 Hour Teacher Training Online


A 6-Month Immersion Into Sound-Based Yoga

If you're ready for a profound home immersion and self-study program designed for your maximum empowerment, this is the course for you!

Are you ready?

  • Are you hungry for direct experience of the mystical power of sound, rooted in tradition yet beyond dogma?
  • Are you drawn to explore the yoga of sound through mantra chanting, vocal toning, deep listening, Indian rāga, and devotional kīrtan?

  • Do want to train in the art of leading amazing chant experiences?
  • Are you ready for deep transformation?

  • Would you like to become a source of knowledgeable guidance about mantra meditation practice to your community?

  • Is accurately pronouncing Sanskrit important to you, because of its impact on your own practice and because it demonstrates your integrity and respect for tradition?

  • Do you yearn for profound connection, community, and shared purpose?

  • Are you committed to empowerment, for yourself and your (future) students?

Look no further... this is the world's first and most comprehensive 200-hour yoga of sound teacher training available in the world!

We hope to start a new round of the online training soon. Contact us ASAP to get on the waitlist!

Content & Schedule

Featuring sound-based communion practices and extensive multimedia skill learning material.


Our daily practices are nourishing, challenging, and build in intensity each day. The personal transformation we experience consistently exceeds our expectations.


Skill is devotion, in the Heart of Sound. You'll gain a practical foundation in voice culture, Indian musical scales, harmonium, and Sanskrit mantra as you prepare for leadership.


Regardless of your musical ability, you'll be trained to lead a chant experience that invites participants to experience communion through sound. It's not about performance, it's a service.

Primary Practice

A 90-minute deep Heart of Sound practice with nāda yoga and mantra meditation

Lecture, Q&A, Skills

Dynamic conversations with Anandra on the yoga of sound, transformation, and chant leadership.

Skills practice under teaching assistant supervision, study time, and student-led chant experiments


Guided yogāsana and self-massage to tune your body instrument especially for our penetrating sound-based practices

"The depth of the Heart of Sound practices really blew my mind. To have such a supportive course structure and community creates a phenomenally safe space. I have the tools I need to develop a practice to exist more mindfully in the world."

Jason Stotz
Dancer, USA

Led by Anandra George

Anandra (Heart of Sound Founder) leads our morning chant experiences and offers the primary course content.

Our Heart of Sound teaching faculty will lead the afternoon yogāsana and integrative skills practice sessions. To learn more about the teaching faculty, take our FREE Preparatory Course.

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What You'll Experience

The next step is to take our FREE Preparatory Course for a fun, informative visual / video journey into the Heart of Sound Teacher Training. You'll learn everything you need to know before, during, and after the course.


ONLINE Training Investment

TBA very soon! We were in India, about to start a sold-out training when the WHO declared a pandemic. Luckily, Yoga Alliance allows us to continue the training online through June only! We've had a few cancellations, so if you've been wanting a fully online certified training, you're in luck! Please note that submitting payment indicates you agree to our cancellation policy (in FAQ below).



Receive almost a 5% discount




6 Monthly Payments


Frequently Asked Questions for the Online Training

In case you’re skeptical about the potential of an online practice & training, below are a few comments after one of our online practices with a committed teacher training group.

What an amazing experience to connect with all of you online! It is blowing my mind how connected I felt to all of you during the session. We are all so far away but we can still sing together and have a magical moment. How cool! 💛 thank you all for singing together 💛

And here are our beautiful students singing! 👇🏼

Thank you so much ♥️ it was so amazing to feel this connection again, the connection to myself, to the community and to the divine...thankfully in devotion and gratitude. 🙏 so good to see and hear you again Anandra George 🍀

Amazing experience to connect to this community in these times of isolation! Thank you for this beautiful moment ❤️ I felt that we were breaking borders. It was a very powerful, deep meditation. I could really feel "the presence!"

Ahh the ‘magic’ 💫 of 🎵💕 - in these precedented times, I want to be in the fullness of my heart 💓 and to open into more Love ❤️ and 🌏 connection. THIS does THAT. So Grateful 🙏🏻

Today was my best day since the quarantine, Anandra and Jojo!  I can feel my heart wanting to sing especially through this long-awaited Shift! Great energy on the call today!!!🙏🏻🤗🌹♥️🙋🏼‍♀️

Included in the 200-hr Online TT

Value in USD

Per Class Value


YA Topics Distribution

Sacred Sanskrit Sounds Course - TT certification




Anatomy & Physiology, Techniques, Training, Practice

Nada Yoga Course - - TT certification




Techniques, Training, Practice

40 Day Mantra Practice of your choice




Techniques, Training, Practice

20+ 90-minute Live group online practices with Anandra or guest teachers (i.e. Sudhanshu)


@ $25 each


Techniques, Training, Practice

10+ 2-hour Live Lecture Q&A classes with Anandra on the transformational power of sound and chant leadership/teaching arts


@ $50 each


Yoga Humanities

20+ 2-hour Live Supervised Skill Sessions with Anandra and HOS teaching assistants, for individualized support


@ $50 each


Techniques, Training, Practice

5 hours of supervised practicum teaching & feedback where YOU are teaching, and 20 hours where you are observing others teach.


@ $25 each


Professional Essentials

10 hours of led yogāsana and self-massage classes


@ $25 each


Anatomy & Physiology

During the TT period, a dedicated ZOOM room for students will always be open for any buddy sessions! Written/video questions left in the online community will also be responded to.


@ $25 each


Professional Essentials






Total Value in USD:


Total Hours:



Here's a sample schedule for the Online TT March-May 2020:
Go to Google Calendar

You'll see classes are sprinkled across time zones - of course not all times will work for all students, and that's fine!

The next Online TT group schedule will take place over 6 months and will be flexible according to the needs, requests, and integration pace of students as we go.

We'll schedule LIVE group practices, skill study sessions, and office hours for you to interact with Anandra and other teachers.

You'll be required to meet with your cohort in live meetings, do study sessions with buddies, and other interactive human elements too.

In order to get your certification you'll have to teach your practicum classes in front of a live audience to get 360-degree feedback.

If you don't have great internet access, or the live schedule doesn't always work for you, don't worry!

The entire course is available via recordings online. You can start anytime, and go at your own pace!

All of the important content delivery & practice sessions are available online. (Office hours, buddy sessions, chai time chats, or other highly specific, personal connections are NOT recorded.)

Because of time zones, we won't be able to enforce much strict attendance. When it comes time for the practicum (you teaching) of course you'll have to do that!

You'll have access to the online course for as long as we're in business. :)

Anticipated Time Commitment:
If you've already done the Sanskrit online course with us and have already started in on the Prerequisite reading (listed in our prep course), we'd expect you to spend a few hours per day attending classes, reading, studying, watching video course content, and doing your homework and personal practice. Within 2-3 weeks we'll start slowly with the teaching practicum part, and you'll have a variety of assignments related to that.

It could be from 15-30 hours per week, depending on your pace and how much of the prep work you've already done. (It's also perfectly reasonable to do the crucial prep work in a day or two, if you haven't yet.)

We'll see how this batch of students goes with the online pace, but we anticipate the course to span 5-6 weeks.

If you can't keep up with the schedule, it's the same as would happen if you were attending a live class... you'd have to make up the assignments later in order to get your certification.

Browsing through the extensive FREE Preparatory Course will answer many of your questions! That's why we made it the next step for anyone considering joining us. :)

Also, once you register, we will email you a highly detailed FAQ that will explain how to get to Rishikesh, options for housing, what to pay, etc.

Please make sure to Subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you don't miss any important offers or follow up emails! Also, make sure you have [email protected] as a safe sender.

Yes.  This is a Yoga Alliance qualified 200 hour Teacher Training.  You must register and pay for membership with YA, and once you complete all prerequisite and course materials with Heart of Sound, you can send request to YA for the certification.  

Attending a 5-day Retreat into the Heart of Sound is a normally a prerequisite to taking our LIVE teacher training. For the online version of the TT, the 5-day Retreat is included (also online).

We'd love to see and hear you in person, too, as soon as we're able to schedule LIVE events.

Please visit the Retreats page to find one that suits your schedule, location, and budget.

If you haven't already, please take our FREE Teacher Training Preparatory Course to learn about additional requirements.

Yes!  If you plan to use what you'll learn in the Heart of Sound training in service to your community, you're welcome to apply for a full or partial scholarship for the tuition portion of the course. We have already awarded our scholarships for 2020, but can apply for the 2021 Teacher Training.

There is a non-refundable $500 administrative fee for all applications. If you wish to cancel for any reason, you will receive a 75% refund of remaining tuition if requested 90 days or more before the course, and a 50% refund if requested after 90 days. No refunds will be issued less than 30 days in advance.

If you are on a payment plan and wish to cancel before completing the course, you remain responsible for completing your payments.

If you pay and refuse to sign the liability waiver, it is considered a cancellation of your registration. (The same deadlines for % of refunds apply.) Read a copy of the waiver here.

The Heart of Sound reserves the right to substitute teachers, change the format of delivery, or make any other changes required in order to deliver a quality teacher training that meets or exceeds all Yoga Alliance certification guidelines.

In the event of an act of God, (e.g. natural disaster, pandemic, or other uncontrollable event) delivery of the training may be delayed or rescheduled.

Note: If you simply need to delay your attendance, rather than cancel, we're always generous with deferring to later trainings, on a case-by-case basis. Generally, the tuition you paid minus the $500 admin fee is transferred to the next training you wish to participate in.

Your Next Steps:

  1. Tell us a bit more about yourself in the application form here: 2020 Registration Online Teacher Training (PLEASE, this is mandatory to do BEFORE you process your payment.)

  2. Email info @ heartofsound.in to get your payment options.

3. Once you fill out the Registration Form and set up your payment option, you'll be granted access to the 200-hr TT Online, and all of its component parts. Get started!

4. Check the schedule and join us for the next session that works for you! :)

5. Once you're granted Online Course access, flip through TT Manual & Enrichment Activities, and dig in to the course content in the first few modules of the Sacred Sanskrit Sounds course!


If you've already browsed the preparatory course and would like to schedule a talk with a teaching assistant, let us know!


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