Empower Your Leadership Voice: Smash the Patriarchy Sound Yoga Therapy FREE Experience!

What if your voice rose from your belly, shimmering with natural power and grace?

What if you felt both safe to feel and free to express yourself exactly as you are?

What if you savored the pleasure of harmonious vibration surging through your body?

For me, that is what we all lose in patriarchal, hierarchical power dynamics (regardless of which gender you identify with).

I've been on a not-so-secret mission to untangle the not-so-subtle restrictions of a patriarchal system on my own voice for years now, and it's a thread of conversation we often weave throughout our teacher training and mentorship circles. It is profoundly impactful on a fundamental level, and I feel honored to invite you to this practice!


In this free yoga of sound experience I invite you to:

  • Connect to safety in your body/voice to listen IN to what's truly alive in you.
  • Get delicious respite from the pendulum swing between trying too hard (overcompensating) and collapse (submitting).
  • Feel how your voice resonates within you (and sounds different!) when you're tapped in to YOU, gloriously just as you are.

Sound is empowering medicine!🎶

A little skills training, philosophical and scientific understanding, and sensitivity to cultural appropriation is necessary, if we hope to develop its potential in our lives. That's why Anandra created the Heart of Sound courses! Many are totally free.

Learn more about sound healing yoga, mantra meditation, and nada yoga here:

☎️ Feel free to book a call if you're curious about any of the above! We look forward to chanting with you again soon. :)


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