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FREE Mantra Therapy First Aid Masterclass

Mantra Therapy First Aid

Sound Yoga Mini Masterclass

Sound Survival Skills EVERYONE should know!

Beginners are welcome in this mantra therapy free online class with internationally respected Sanskrit mantra teacher and musician Anandra George. 


Mantra Therapy First Aid Masterclass FREE ONLINE

Registration and a few minutes of preparation are required for this free online event.









In this Mantra Therapy Masterclass you will learn:

  • The survival skill stack that you need to navigate the most difficult life situations that come across your path (whether it’s YOU in crisis, or someone you love)!
  • Why NOT having this skillset puts you & those you care about at risk for slipping into the range of worst case scenario outcomes.

Here’s what to expect:
1. I’ll keep the masterclass short and sweet (30 minutes).
2. We’ll go through a real life example so you can see how the tools apply.
3. We’ll experience a short, potent sound-based practice that you can do, and can guide others through, in times of crisis.
4. You’ll have a chance to ask questions at the end (beyond the 30 minutes).

Why Mantra Therapy Sound Survival Skills?
As a sound yoga therapist, it breaks my heart that I teach skills that can completely change the outcome of a seemingly no-win situation, and folks either:
A) Don’t know it’s possible
B) Don’t know how to use the skills
C) Don’t use them when they’re needed most

Just the other day a student in the most outrageously horrible story I've ever heard (worse than a TV drama!) called to GUSH about how the heart of sound skills had changed their life and made it possible for them to navigate it with awareness, responsiveness, and grace.

In contrast, I've also seen situations devolve into unnecessarily tragic because people didn't have these skills.

Not everyone can do our full 200/500HR Sound Healing Yoga Teacher Training but this mantra therapy masterclass is my effort to distill the MOST ESSENTIAL practical benefits of mantra & nāda yoga into this short, FREE masterclass so that anyone could use them.

You don’t want to miss this one!
We may not record it so do attend LIVE.

Please invite a friend who is curious about the power of sound, who could use this right now. Thanks!

"I totally underestimated the impact the Heart of Sound teachings imparted by Anandra would have on my life. I’ve done many courses, with many great teachers, but this one feels like hitting the jackpot. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. I’m not kidding that it is a mind-blowing experience that can transform your life."

John Pierce
Accountant, Australia

Sound Healing Yoga Training Courses

Beyond this free class, if you want more in-depth training in nāda yoga and mantra, sound therapy certification, personal mentoring, and much more, join us online or on retreat in person! Most of all, we hope you’ll join our global community of chant lovers in dedicating your heart's voice to be an instrument of love and service in the world!


About Anandra

Anandra has studied in India extensively since 1997 and shares Sanskrit sounds, mantra meditation, and Indian music with global audiences at the behest of her beloved gurus.

She created the Heart of Sound, the world’s first yoga teacher training based entirely on the transformative power of sound. She also founded the Sacred Sound Stage at the prestigious International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh (India) and the global Mantras for Peace subtle activism project. She has taught and sung at the world’s largest yoga festivals, and has been featured in Hindi, Russian, Japanese, German, and English press.



A free online mantra therapy experience with Anandra George


Experience the Heart of Sound
with Anandra George

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