Mentorship Circle

Small Group Sessions with Anandra

A year-long commitment to embodied mastery of the yoga of sound in daily life and service.

Are you inspired by Anandra...and want more intimate help applying the Heart of Sound toolkit to your personal growth tension points?

Does your spirit yearn to live much more fully through you, but you're recycling old self-limiting patterns?

Do you want community support taking the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and practical steps towards optimal harmony in your daily life?

Do you want to explore a new paradigm of collaborative, non-heirarchical relationship with an experienced healing guide?

"Recently my life was turned upside down and has been a roller coaster ever since. Without the Heart of Sound tools I wouldn’t have understood it or have been able to cope as well as I am now. It is an astounding experience full of love, sorrow, acceptance, surrender, healing and union. It really is a divine miracle that has helped to consolidate my spiritual work. My life will never be the same."

Sally Hutchinson
Associate Teacher at Sound Healing Academy

About Anandra

With over 20 years of experience as an international transformational teacher and coach, Anandra’s leadership presence literally sings with love and integrity as she empowers clients into a fully embodied experience of the raw power of love in service.

She has been a mentor and confidante to sustainability startup and Fortune 500 executives, venture capitalists, philanthropists, artists, thought leaders, high court judges, and inspired change-agents in every professional sector, ethnicity, religion, and gender identity… quietly helping them attain personal mastery.

In 2014 she created the Heart of Sound, the world’s first yoga teacher training focused entirely on the transformational power of sound, which has been wildly successful in creating exponential impact with teachers in over 50 countries on 6 continents so far. Anandra combines her wealth of applied coaching wisdom with the phenomenally powerful tools of sound and mantra to help change-agents achieve maximal resonance and influence.

Learn more about Anandra on the Press page.

A Year-long Guided Mentorship Circle

Deep community connection with a circle of excellent humans committed to humble learning and full aliveness!

Themes we'll be exploring in our monthly sessions:

  • Individually fine-tuning our sound-based practices to resonate full embodiment of the divine archetypal qualities of the Sanskrit mantras and rāga realms.
  • Negotiating our very human tension points with humility, wisdom, and compassion as we explore our growth edges.
  • Tapping the root of authenticity with our voices and our expression of Self in the world; an ongoing personal inventory of integrity between the 4 levels of speech.
  • Listening beneath the knee-jerk defenses of our trauma patterns, softly singing our hidden wounded selves into safety, support, and healing in order to become curious for new learning.
  • Using the lens of our sound-based practice to dismantle patriarchal, hierarchical conditioning in our approach to our own lives, our relationships, our sexuality, and our service to the world... to embody a new, evolving paradigm of love in action.
  • Applying empathetic listening practices in our real-life relationship scenarios, building skills for harmonious relating where it counts the most in our intimate relationships.
  • Crafting our life's service in alignment with our deepest values. Tuning into new, resonant possibilities for our lives and businesses, and unraveling the systemic self-limitations at the root... family systems, karmic patterns, soul lessons.
  • Receiving attuned 360-degree reflection, and care-full penetrating questioning into key tension points for our evolutionary growth.
  • Full embrace of autonomy, choice, and acceptance for the "no" that often arises when we approach our growth edges. We will not make spiritual growth a violent competitive sport, make value judgments about each others' choices, vie for an authority figure's attention/approval, or compare ourselves to others.
  • Group requests for themes are also welcome! This circle is for YOU.

"Thank you for NOT being another one of those life coaches / retreat leaders with well-meaning but misguided intent, lack of integrity and unethical practice. Your work with sound and mantra is brilliant and has helped me immensely over the past decade!"

Kresta Painter
MA, MFTI, UH Lecturer of Psychology

How it Works

  • Enroll and you'll be invited to vote on the timing for next month's scheduled session.
  • All meetings are online.
  • Connect in the community forum to meet others in the small mentorship group, share your insights, and ask your personal questions.
  • Schedule one of your two 30-minute check-in calls with Anandra anytime.
  • Circles are limited to 11 people, so one person each month can get in-depth attention.

The Circle

Each 2 hour session will roughly follow this outline:

  • Invocation - a brief meditation to harmonize together
  • Check-in - an invitation to speak what's alive in you and receive silent empathy
  • Theme of the month - discussion
  • Individual support - a private session for one member with the small group present
  • Reflection - capture of insights and takeaways
  • Enrichment - recommended activities to support continued learning

Your Commitment

  • Engage a regular sound practice for a year.
  • Self-manage the level of practice that's reasonable and appropriately transformative for you.
  • Participate actively in the LIVE sessions whenever possible.
  • Follow the Group Agreements or negotiate your special needs when required.
  • [OPTIONAL] Schedule regular times with your buddy to practice the tools and complete enrichment activities.

Expected Results

  • A steady personal practice + intimate group connection + guidance from Anandra should result in significant inner growth over the course of the year.
  • While external results (such as increased income, satisfying relationship, etc.) are never our primary goal, they will be welcomed as an overflow of grace!

Frequently Asked Questions

All alumni and currently enrolled students of Heart of Sound teacher training courses are welcome!

  • Attendees of a 5-day Retreat into the Heart of Sound
  • Alumni of the 200hr RYT (whether you completed certification or not)
  • Currently enrolled students of the 200hr or 500hr teacher training.

If you have not yet taken at least a 5-day Retreat into the Heart of Sound, please write a few paragraphs about your familiarity with the Heart of Sound skill constellation and why you'd like to be accepted.

(Note that basic skills training for the Sanskrit, mantra, and nāda yoga practices we'll be refining and applying throughout the mentorship can be obtained through the TT-level online courses.)

This mentorship circle is meant to apply the sound-based skills into daily life; we will not take time to teach the skills.

Those without a background in the whole Heart of Sound toolkit who wish to be considered for acceptance will want to enroll in our 200hr TT program online, to get the maximal benefit.

We'll start with small group sessions when 11 people are enrolled, as soon as October 2020.

The monthly live sessions will be scheduled by consensus. (Those days/times with the most votes win.)

All sessions will be recorded and shared within 24-48 hours of the live call whenever possible.*

If you know you won't be able to attend a particular upcoming session, questions can be submitted in advance via email for discussion.

*PRIVACY POLICY: The entire 2-hour session recordings will be shared ONLY with your circle.

Some portions where only Anandra is speaking or teaching may be recorded separately (with only her face in view), and may be edited and used for other purposes.

You'll be encouraged to match up with a buddy or triad in the mentorship group. 

This is not for "accountability" as in a typical mentorship group, but for support, reflection, empathy, and encouragement.

You're highly encouraged to connect with regularly in person or via phone, ZOOM, FaceTime, etc.

The buddy system is self-managed and is not monitored by HOS staff.

No. While you're welcome to schedule additional private time with Anandra if you're a course student, mentorship sessions are not required.

Yes. If you're a registered yoga teacher and need to claim continuing education, at the end of the mentorship year you may submit 24 hours of training on your Yoga Alliance account.


You're welcome to refer friends to private sessions with Anandra. However, unlike our many Heart of Sound courses where affiliates can earn cash or credit, private sessions are not eligible. No payments will be made for referrals, nor can accrued affiliate program credits be used towards private sessions.

Private sessions must be scheduled during the mentorship year, unless otherwise arranged.

What if I want to cancel my participation in the mentorship group?

The mentorship group is a commitment for one year. Since there's a limited number of spaces available, once we've begun, we won't be able to give refunds.

However, if you wish to transfer your remaining participation to a friend who meets the criteria for inclusion, and the rest of the circle unanimously agrees to accept the new person, you may email us for a special exemption.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my private session?

Please reschedule using the Calendly link.

Please give 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.

If you give less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the session.

Yes, most likely.

You'll want to double-check with your tax preparer, but if you are in the wellness industry this course would probably be considered continuing education for professional development and be 100% deductible.

Since Anandra started teaching mantra globally in 2009, she has been living extensively in India. When profits exceed expenses, funds have been used to directly support numerous educational and social service projects in India. The Heart of Sound teacher training was also designed as an instrument to perpetuate legacy: it supports her music Guruji and his senior students to continue their musical tradition (both financially and via new student referrals).

After factoring in annual basic business expenses and modest admin + teaching salaries, our end-of-year statement usually works out to show a very small profit. (For instance, in 2019, it was $7,329.). However, we're grateful we've been able to continue to serve due to a combination of frugal management, barter, and extensive volunteer support.

Our hope is that the new online era of teaching will enable us to share the sound-based practices with more students worldwide and increase our ability to offer more scholarships as well as grow our service projects like Mantras for Peace and the Sacred Sound Stage. (To get involved, contact [email protected] to volunteer)

In each course, there's a Pay it Forward section where you can go to find out more about the specific India service projects.

If you'd feel safer to have more detailed financial transparency, you're welcome to contact us.

Here is the unedited audio from a Chai Time Q&A call from September 10th 2020, in which a variety of questions were asked (fast forward to the time indicated to hear the question you are interested in):

Q&A - 200:300:500hr and Mentorship w:Anandra Sept 10, 2020.m4a

5:04 - For the foreseeable future, are all of the programs going to be online?
5:14 - What is the best path to bring grounded, tradition-based chanting into the yoga community through your offerings?
9:34 - Are people getting more sensitive to the Sanskrit origins and proper pronunciation? 
16:15 - Where do I find the schedule? Will the live half-day sessions be on weekdays or weekends? 
18:22 - Is a 40 day practice included in the 200hr Online TT cost? 
19:59 - Is there a closing date to register? 
23:12 - How can I be respectful navigating correct Sanskrit pronunciation when leading kīrtan to a mixed audience of Indians and white English speakers? 
27:42 - What is the difference between the Mentorship Circle and the 300hr Advanced Online TT? 
33:20 - What do you learn in the 300hr Advanced Online TT? 
41:08 - Is there any training in the 200hr Online TT on how to play the harmonium? Do you need to buy a harmonium before the course? Any guidance for a beginner? 
50:20 - Where in Rishikesh do you go? Can I do one to one or in-person training with you in the USA? 
58:40 - When will you know for sure the scheduling for live calls for the new trainings? 
1:01:19 - If I have already done Module 1 were do I go from here? 
1:08:50 - What community gathering can we do? 
1:13:24 - Will you do the Mentorship Circle ongoing? ie. next year? 
1:18:02 - Why would the Mentorship Circle be different than doing a private session with you? Why in a group? 
1:23:36 - When will there be live meetings and a chance to talk things through regarding the ongoing self-study? 
1:28:32 - Do you think it is a good idea to take the course online? Or should I chant and pray that Covid goes away as I am an in-person learner? 
1:37:35 - How much in the 300hr Advanced Online TT will we focus on cultivating our niche? 
1:42:07 - Can I take the course without the intention of teaching? 
1:45:46 - How does it work with the 500hr Advanced Online TT? Do I do the 200hr TT work first?

"I’m really loving this work with you–it’s like very targeted turbo-therapy. You are a truly wise, smart, not-holier-than-thou, tapped-in guide. Thank you."

V.R. (Confidential Client)
Published Author


See FAQ first (above) to check that you qualify, then choose your package.





  • 12 Monthly 2-hour group sessions
  • Two 30-minute private 1-on-1 check-in calls with Anandra to use as needed during the year
  • A private community discussion forum
  • A reflection buddy in the group





  • 12 Monthly 2-hour group sessions
  • Two 30-minute private 1-on-1 check-in calls with Anandra to use as needed during the year
  • A private community discussion forum
  • A reflection buddy in the group

Prefer Private Sessions?

Need a Scholarship, Trade, or Deferred Payment?

We offer generous alternate payment arrangements for ALL of our Heart of Sound courses! However, mentorship sessions with Anandra are not eligible. If you'd like to propose a mutually beneficial professional trade, please email us.

"Anandra, your integration of the Tantrik concept of “yearning,” nonviolent communication, and mantra has helped me recently make a large life change. I allowed myself to fully feel the yearning without the need to fall back into old habits!"

Marla Mangla Pelletier
Owner at

Sacred Sanskrit Sounds Scholarship Application

We invite you to apply for a full or partial scholarship If you come from a country with undervalued currency (i.e. Nigeria, Indonesia, Panama), or from historically underprivileged backgrounds.