Free Mantra Chant Leader Training

Anyone else feeling the need to amp up the peace channel?

🙌🏽 🙌🏽 🙌🏽

Mantras for Peace chant events are an amazing way to bring community together and focus our hearts and voices on peace.

Calling all mantra lovers and aspiring CHANT LEADERS!

We'd love to support YOU to lead a chant circle in your area. And our free Host Your Own Chant Event mini-training has a full kit to support you to offer a peace mantra chant event in your community (in person or online):

Does it get any better? Yes!

For all those signed up for our FREE Host Your Own Mantras for Peace Event course, I'll be offering a few sessions if you'd like to check your Sanskrit pronunciation, or ask a musical question.

We've been at it with an amazing group of volunteers for Mantras for Peace for almost 10 years now, so there's a fantastic treasure chest of resources developed and ready for you to wage peace with.

Because there can never be enough deep listening, connecting, harmonizing, forgiving, and peacemaking.

Free Chant Leader Training

A mini-training on peace mantra pronunciation, including handouts, promotional graphics... and everything you need to host your own event!

What you'll get:

  • How to host your event (full details).

  • Videos of the mantras to chant along with if you wish

  • Pronunciation tips and meanings

  • Graphics, marketing copy and #hashtags to use for promotion

  • Instructions on how to host your own Mantras for Peace gathering in your community

Mantras for Peace E-Book

Download our free Mantras for Peace E-Book, full of information and properly transliterated Sanskrit peace mantras.

Love you all!

Join Anandra and experience a nourishing, sound-based practice, live-streamed from Kaua'i this December 1, 2023. Rest and receive (off camera) or chant and interact (on camera) as you wish! Bring a friend?

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