Mantras for Peace

We invite participants to think, chant or sing simple mantras for peace at least once per day for 108 days.

There are 3 different ways to join our Global Chant Circle.
All are absolutely free!


Free Global Chant Course + 108 Days of Emails = the full Global Chanting Circle gift!

It's a simple two-step process.  Make sure you complete both steps!

  • Step 1: Register for the Global Chant Course Online using the form to the right. ->  This free online course includes all of the basic learning material for the Mantras for Peace Global Chanting Circle.
  • Step 2: Come back to this page and register for the 108 Days of Mantras for Peace emails.
  • Get ready to chant!

 Plus . . . If you are feeling inspired to host your own chant event, we can help you do that. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to get started.

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  • Guidance to help you host your own Mantras for Peace gathering in your community
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"I LOVE the realization that every chant connects with our yogis and all the others chanting for peace. In the Jewish tradition we are taught that there are 36 righteous individuals who are keeping the planet humming along... so maybe there are 36 mystic-rabbis plus the Himalayan and all of us modern yogis!! LOVE IT. Thank you for this lovely daily reminder!”"

Sandy Koi
108 day global chant circle participant

Will you help us turn up the volume on "the peace channel" by hosting your own local or FBLive chanting event?

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