Sound Bath with Mantra, Raga and Nada Yoga! Now Online.


A friend of mine attended a live chant event I led last week, and gushed about how it felt like a sound bath to just listen to me singing, the bansuri flute playing, and hear the group singing along with the rāgas and mantras.

Normally, I try to get people to DO THE PRACTICE with us, because I figure it's like food... you get more out of it when you chew it and swallow it yourself vs. watching someone else eat. That's why I have (stubbornly) stuck to empowering people looking to really train in mantra and nada yoga with skills, techniques, and practices.

While I...

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How do I find the best nada yoga school in Rishikesh India?


SO many people ask me how to learn traditional nāda yoga in India! There are a lot of confusing nada and mantra trainings out there, so I'll try to help you sort out what to look for. I went looking myself way back in 1997 and have gone down A LOT of unfruitful (even scary) roads before I found teachers I could trust, who led me on the mystical inner path of nada yoga!*

Unfortunately sexual misconduct by gurus is also all-too-common... almost every Western female who has gone to India to study nada yoga and mantra has a story (including me! several!)

So first of...

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Sound Healing through Mantra & Nada Yoga


I shied away from using the term "sound healing" to describe what I do for over a decade, because I thought most people associated it with gong baths or crystal bowls. (That's not the type of sound healing I do or teach.)

However, the mantra and nada yoga courses we offer very definitely explore sound healing training in its most essential sense! It's my opinion that sound that comes from our own unique instrument - our voices - is the core of any sound healing practice for self growth.

Your voice is a one-of-a-kind, highly refined, infinitely sensitive healing...

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Nada, Naada, or Nāda yoga? Which is correct and what does it mean?

Wondering how to spell Nāda yoga correctly? Or what it means?

Naad yoga training starts with understanding the meaning of the term (because it's easier to explain than the spelling!)

Whether you spell it Nada Yoga, Naada Yoga, or Nāda Yoga... or Nad Yog, Nād Yog, nAd, etc.

Nāda = vibration, sound, musical sound

Yoga = union, communion

When we use the term "nada yoga" we're talking about union through sound, a meditation on vibration, or communion through music and/or mantra.

Now for the many variations in spelling:

To learn why there are different spellings, first...

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Cultivating a Musical Response to Divisiveness and Existential Fear

Cultivating a musical response to the symphony of dissonant notes screaming for attention in our world right now is not a distant, poetic idea. It’s a tangible, practical skill. Uncomfortable, yes. Difficult, yes. Full of the mess of aliveness, yes. A swift and tidy spiritual bypass would be much easier. But leaning in to listen deeply, to feel what’s truly alive in us, can also make this moment resonant with hope and possibility.

Have you been tempted to write off someone in your life who has (or hasn’t) adopted a particular conspiracy narrative...

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The Healing Power of Voice

In this interview by Jeff Greenwald for The Nine GiftsAnandra speaks about the Healing Power of Voice.

Jeff Greenwald:

We begin to control the sounds we make when we are babies—but when and why do we actually start singing?

Anandra George:

That's a wonderful question—but not being a developmental child psychologist or child linguist, I can't answer that with any kind of authoritative stance. But I can answer from my own perspective.

When I was a child, my mother told me that I was humming to myself all the time. She would always ask me, "What are...

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Relationship decisions: Is it my heart’s guidance, or simply my trauma talking?

When you allow a lover to really get close, to rub up on your tender spots, do you tend to fight, flee, or freeze? Do you avoid or cling?

Ignited by a series of interactions I’ve had and witnessed recently, I’m sparkling with insight about that critical decision-making moment in a relationship. I feel excited to outline some specific ways that a vocal/sound/mantra practice can help us transform our patterns towards embodying the intimacy we all yearn for.

1. Foundational self-awareness

First of all, when we have a self-awareness practice that cultivates...

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Completing the Stress Cycle - Burnout & Emotional Digestion

In their book Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle, twin sisters Emily and Amelia Nagoski (sex therapist and singer, respectively) brilliantly cite evidence-based research on stress.

One of the key points they elaborate on is the difference between eliminating a stressor and completing the stress cycle. Completing the stress cycle means letting it run all the way to the end so it’s not getting trapped in your body. 

Shoutout to yogīs who have thousands of years worth of "existing data"! Yogīs already know that “the issues are...
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Resilience Recipe: Magic Mung Soup

With life being pretty full on right now, I want my immunity and mental and emotional health to stay in tip-top shape so I have more quality presence to give.
Whenever I’m feeling a little sluggish, I do a few days of mung soup. It’s a warm, oily, and fulfilling way to clear the accumulated sludge!
I find the warm, slightly spicy soup to be great for my nervous system and because it's great for my digestion, it improves my overall vitality, which is great for my vocal health too! Sort of like panchakarma in a bowl, except it only costs...
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Buying a Harmonium: Where, How, and What to Look Out For!

Almost no two harmoniums are alike! Your harmonium might become your new best friend for your chanting practice, but they can also be tricky to buy.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to buy a harmonium.

Method of Purchase: Online or In Person?

  1. It's always best to play the instrument first to be sure you enjoy it's "voice." Without getting into too much technical detail, let's just say there are many different construction factors that can change the harmonium's sound. Look and ask around in your local area to see if someone has a harmonium for...
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