Sound Bath with Mantra, Raga and Nada Yoga! Now Online.

A friend of mine attended a live chant event I led last week, and gushed about how it felt like a sound bath to just listen to me singing, the bansuri flute playing, and hear the group singing along with the rāgas and mantras.

Normally, I try to get people to DO THE PRACTICE with us, because I figure it's like food... you get more out of it when you chew it and swallow it yourself vs. watching someone else eat. That's why I have (stubbornly) stuck to empowering people looking to really train in mantra and nada yoga with skills, techniques, and practices.

While I know for 100% sure that music is therapy (because helping others tap into the transformational power of sound is my life's work!), I RARELY sing for others in a sound bath or what people would typically think of as sound healing! I prefer to get people singing from the bowls of their own pelvis rather than to use crystal bowls... and I believe our bodies and voices are much more finely tuned instruments than anything man made.

However, my friend's point really hit home for me. She's a busy work-from-home mom, and she had the recording on in the background while she was doing her million daily chores. She said that having it on felt like going to a sound bath of mantra and Indian rāga, even though she didn't actively chant along.

Here's the recording she loved, which she called a mantra sound bath! It really blew my mind because I had never thought of it in those terms before.

If you're looking for more sound therapy online...

I'd also like to highlight one of our all-time best sound healing frequency songs on youtube! I still cry every time I hear it. In a good way. 😂

It's a healing mantra song with the mantra Om Namo Nārāyaṇāya that I recorded in Tokyo a few years back, produced by my dear friend Ayana Dake. When played as recommended, most people experience a 9-minute deep emotional release music therapy meditations.

Check out this Peace Mantra for Healing post for my personal best practices for your listening pleasure and maximal music therapy.

This is your official announcement that we'll be offering more sound baths on our youtube channel:

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More to come... Stay tuned! (Pun intended 🤣)

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