The more you know, the more you know you don’t know…


The more you know, the more you know you don’t know… 

Is there any realm in which this is not true?


The longer you know someone, the more you realize that you have no idea what is really going on for them deep inside. They hold multitudes of mysteries, complex trauma, perceptual, differences, patterns, and habits built on foundations that you can never understand fully, because you have not lived at yourself.


Are used to think that learning how to chant, more mantras, sing more songs, do more complex, and longer chance meant that I knew more, and had mastered the subject.

I was so completely wrong that it is laughable! The endless unfathomable depths of the heart of sound, and it’s awesome transformative power, not just for me, but for us a musical way of living in the world has taught me how to remain humble.

I’m no longer interested in studying scriptures, because that is someone else’s attempt to capture in words an essence, which is by nature indescribable.

I am intimate with that Soundless sound, it is my home.

The Cosmos.

Every time we get a more penetrating looking glass, we peer through layers of depth that we never before dreamed possible. The scale and magnitude of the grandeur of existence is too much for our tiny, scared animal brain to embrace and accept, much less feel an intimate part of.

Stay away from thought terminating clichés. 

Don’t settle for a savior narrative that gives you a temporary feeling of safety, being cared for. 

Lean into nuance, complexity, a large enough embrace of any difficult situation / tension point that includes a both/and scenario, not an either/or divisive polarizing stance.

There are no problems that we cannot solve, if we resist the temptation to need to be right.

I find safety in not knowing. 

Anyone who is offering you a sense of surety is putting on front. A façade. Religious leaders, political leaders… It doesn’t matter. To be honest with oneself, and the vastness of the complex mystery, is, perhaps the only certainty that there is? 

Practical take away:

Next time you are in a tension point within yourself, make it an attention point: can you find curiosity to listen more deeply? 

Similarly, for relationship difficult dynamics. 

And the larger scale social and political conundrums. 

Is there tension?

Pay attention!

When I look at my life, I see the whole spectrum of the yoga of sound affecting everything that is happening around me. I see the learning objectives of the Heart of Sound training tangibly improving my interaction with my job, with people, myself, my husband, my family… not only when I’m guiding people through a mantra. Before engaging the 300hr level of the training, I used to have an intellectual idea what the word “embodiment” meant. Now, I FEEL the ripple effect in my life. - Patricia Martins Bordon, founder of All in Me, Australia


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