Smart End-of-Year Tax Strategies for Wellness, Yoga & Sound Healing Professionals

ATTN all wellness entrepreneurs!
Sound healers, yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, mental health therapists, kīrtan leaders, musicians, Ayurveda counselors, and Jyotish advisors:

This FIRE nerd has some solid gold tax and financial planning for you. (FIRE stands for Financial Independence Retire Early).

If you're a wellness entrepreneur and haven't yet figured out how to make your business into a rocket propelling your dreams, I've got good news!

Sometimes following your heart (deep into mystical power of sound!) can seem like a far-fetched dream. For many people I've talked to, they light up like a Solstice bonfire at the idea of fine-tuning their personal chant practice online and then joining us to learn mantra and nāda yoga in India, but then the fire gets snuffed out as list all the reasons why they can't. Usually financial planning is towards the top of that list.

2 HOT TIPS if you're looking to be savvy with your money:

  1. Self-employed people & small business owners in the wellness field can deduct the online course + India retreat training from their taxes. Usually 100% of course fees + travel & lodging!
  2. Even sweeter, your 10% OFF code is valid through the end of January, so you can apply the tax deduction to 2022 if you purchase by the end of the year, or 2023 if you purchase after Jan 1.


Wouldn't you love to spend your money on a decision that will reverberate with joy and life-enriching expansion, rather than pay more taxes?

Come sing with us on the banks of the Ganga in India!

At our retreat to learn nada yoga and mantra in India, you'll be exposed to more networking opportunities than you can count!

As a self-employed person who runs a small business for 20+ years, I always look at my finances at the end of the year and if income is greater than expenses, I re-invest in:

  • my education
  • my team
  • my business potential
  • (Instead of save that money to so I have to pay more taxes!)

We can't do your end-of-year profit/loss accounting for you, but we do love finding win-win-win situations and brainstorming multiple ways you could invest in sound healing yoga courses to benefit your in your business and financial tax planning!

  • Continuing education for you as a sole proprietor for your wellness business
  • Team enhancement / training / bonus for your employees
  • Networking / future collaboration potential galore
  • Content creation on location in the Himālayas (photo, video, audio)
  • Research and development of creative projects in one of the most inspiring places on Earth

Finding that sweet spot is up to you, but it's 100% sure that doing our online training and/or coming to India ticks ALL THE BOXES, and is therefore a savvy, heart-led decision (if you're called!)

I would WAY rather circulate my valuable time and energy into creating more good, than be obligated to use that money to pay more taxes. Wouldn't you?

If you're keen to join any of our best-selling courses specializing in nada yoga and Sanskrit mantra as sound healing therapies, but truly don't have any budget to spend to learn mantra and nada yoga in India like these cuties studying their 200hr sound yoga teacher training course (now also 100% online!) over coffee by the Ganga, please remember we've got your back!

Hope that's useful to you!

We're totally down for collaborations, joint venture opportunities, interview invitations, and other great ideas. Please keep in touch if you have a win-win-win to share!


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