Sound Healing for Anxiety & Depression

Experiencing anxiety and depression can be overwhelming and disabling. I should know! I might seem "spiritual" or whatever, but my nervous system gets tugged in both directions too.

I've been using sound and mantra to self-regulate my nervous system and give my mind something uplifting to chew on for decades now. Whenever Life gets intense, I lean in on my sound-based yoga practices and feel SO. MUCH. BETTER. And I'm not alone...

"I had such a high anxiety week, and NOTHING I tried brought it down, until I chanted with you. The yoga of sound is indispensable...I am forever grateful!"
- Janette, Newcastle

Many of our students have found great relief using Yoga of Sound as their medicine. Please join us for a gentle, restorative sound experience where you will connect to safety in your body/voice to listen IN to what's truly alive in you, and get delicious respite from the pendulum swing between the highs and lows, and feel how your voice resonates within you (and sounds different!) when you're tapped in to YOU, gloriously just as you are.

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