10 Key Features that Define a Revolutionary Sound & Mantra Training

Not all sound healing and mantra trainings are alike! There's something for everyone in ALL of the bhakti yoga trainings, kirtan leadership courses, mantra teacher trainings, etc. but since this is our 10 year anniversary of creating the world's first and only 200HR yoga teacher training school focused entirely on the transformative power of sound, we're celebrating!

Here are 10 key features that make our Advanced Sound Training Course a one-of-a-kind, visionary evolution:

Reverent and Devotional:
We go beyond trends, offering a reverent and devotional approach that delves deep into the roots of nāda yoga & Sanskrit mantra, steering clear of ungrounded trends in the new age / spiritual / sound healing world of Instagram, etc.

Pleasure-filled, Not Performative:
Our focus is solidly on directly experiencing the transformative effect of sound and mantra, not on performance, memorizing, rote repetition. Every choice we make supports empowerment in our students, supporting them to embody a more musical way of being in the world.

Non-dogmatic, Not Religious: Heart of Sound is non-dogmatic, providing a space for exploration without being bound by religious constraints. It's about personal growth, not adherence to a particular doctrine.

Skillfully Nuanced Sanskrit:
Say goodbye to fuzzy Sanskrit tuning. Our Sanskrit mantra pronunciation training is skillfully nuanced, ensuring a clear and comprehensive understanding of this ancient language.

Grounded in Integrity:
We prioritize integrity, steering clear of cultural appropriation both in the sense that we teach accurate Sanskrit tuning, and the business directly supports our musical lineage in India.

Atheist-Friendly, Evidence-Based: Our training is atheist-friendly, grounded in evidence-based sound healing therapy principles. It's about tangible results and personal growth, with a fresh universal take on mantra, which is ordinarily communicated with religious overtones.

We practice trauma-informed teachings, avoiding spiritual bypassing or gaslighting. Our training is a safe space for growth without compromising mental well-being.

Evolving Past Patriarchy:
Heart of Sound is committed to evolving past patriarchy, ensuring our teachings do not unwittingly perpetuate violent hierarchies. It's about inclusivity and empowerment for all.

Empowering, No Guru Yuck:
Say goodbye to the weird guru dynamics. Our training is empowering, focusing on personal growth rather than adhering to charismatic leader ideologies.

Culturally Connected:
Since day one, Heart of Sound has been culturally connected, supporting future generations in India. Join us in fostering cultural connections and creating a positive impact.

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