Learn Sanskrit Mantra & Nada Yoga - A Sneak Peek into our Online Teacher Training!

Curious about what the 200-hour Online Teacher Training ACTUALLY consists of? Let Anandra take you on a tour of the actual course itself! Then book a free call to let us know what YOUR passion is, and we'll see if it's a match with our approach.

200-hour Sanskrit Mantra & Nada Yoga Online Teacher Training sneak peek into:

  • A scroll through the course content
  • Self-study map to tick boxes for sound healing / sound yoga certification
  • Highlights of the 200+ page Heart of Sound teacher training manual
  • Daily sound-based practices
  • A glorious archive of mantra meditations and nāda yoga classes
  • And so much more!

It was HARD to keep this sneak peek (below) 👇🏽 to under 12 minutes, since there are so many great learning resources we've put into place for our sound yoga trainees.

But hopefully the brief tour would give you an idea of how you'd be able to engage with the online course in your own life!

Your Self-Study of Sound Healing Yoga course online could look like this:

  • Practice chanting through your Sanskrit alphabet pronunciation while folding your laundry, listening on the app on your phone
  • Listen to the Evolving your Karma interactive lecture while on your morning exercise walk through the app
  • Do your short daily sound nāda yoga practice on the train (mentally, softly) with the app

If you're ready for a profound home immersion and self-study program designed for your maximum empowerment, this is for you!

Live Online Classes & Practices + Hybrid Local Workshops & Study Groups!

Dive right in and experience the excitement with:

  • LIVE group practices online
  • LIVE skill sessions on ZOOM
  • LIVE 1-on-1 office hours with Anandra and teaching assistants
  • The option of doing hybrid local events, retreats, and study groups all over the world with our team of Heart of Sound teachers and 500hour graduates. 
  • And a whole lot more!

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Start your sound and mantra training anytime, and go at your own pace!

This sound healing yoga certification course is the world's first and most comprehensive teacher training focused entirely on the transformative power of sound and mantra, and an entirely sound-based Yoga Alliance-approved Teacher Training RYT course!

Experience and learn sound healing with Sanskrit mantra, Nāda Yoga, Kīrtan, bhakti, and more with our self-paced, online course taught by internationally respected teacher and musician Anandra George, along with esteemed Indian and international guest lecturers, scholars & performers.

Sound Healing Yoga Teacher Trainee Speaks:

"The Yoga of Sound Teacher Training exceeded my expectations with nourishing experiences, meticulous training in Sanskrit sacred sounds, mantra and compassionate communication, japa, and daily kīrtan. My inner compass was back on track and on a whole new trajectory deeper into sacred inner sound, the nāda." 

- Dipika Delmenico, Australia

Watch the videos of what the other teacher training trainees say about this course.


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