Mantra Sound Bath for Mother's Day

ICYMI attending our monthly free sound bath online yesterday, it ended up being quite sweet, with a Mother's Day-ish theme. Find a comfy spot and tune in for about 40 minutes! (Video below!)

My  personal goal was to make it richly textured with musical and mantra nuance, while keeping it atheist-friendly! (A simple sound experience for nervous system self-regulation and mental stability, y'all. No woo-woo.)

Why a Mantra Sound Bath?
In the realm of holistic wellness practices, sound baths and mantra meditation have gained popularity for their ability to promote relaxation and inner harmony. However, beyond their spiritual and cultural significance, these practices also offer scientific benefits rooted in the realms of psychology, neuroscience, and physiology. Sound baths induce a state of deep relaxation, reduced stress, and enhanced mindfulness. Mantra meditation, on the other hand, involves repetitive chanting of Sanskrit mantras. The rhythmic and melodic nature of mantras facilitates mental focus and clarity while promoting a sense of tranquility.

I'm experimenting with a new sound experience that blends the two, and I'm calling it Mantra Sound Bath! (LMK what you think? Please comment or get in touch with feedback. Mahalo!)

My goal for this session is to invite you to totally rest, relax, rejuvenate, and replenish in the yummy heart of sound vibration. Expect dreamy tanpura, harmonium sounds... long slow tones that gently caress the subtle tension points in your heart/mind/body, layered with rhythmic Sanskrit mantra repetition to establish you in a steady, safe, sweet groove for whatever the rest of your day requires of you.

We did it in person on Kaua'i at the same time I was recording for the global community online, and it just so happened that my boyfriend's mom came (for the first time - she loved it!) my hanai mom and sister were there, and another friend brought his mom, so there was definitely a Mother's Day vibe so I spontaneously wrapped that into the theme. :) Super sweet.


The mantra sound bath for Mother's Day consisted of:

  • a bit of vocal toning/tuning in
  • an Sanskrit invocation of the mother principle
  • learning a Namaḥ Śivāya with precise Sanskrit mouth placements
  • mantra repetition for you to exercise your mental muscle (silently, softly, or out loud)
  • me singing improvised nāda yoga for 15 min or so up and down using the notes of a morning rāga
  • a bit more mantra repetition
  • peace mantra prayers (if you love the melody, it's in our FREE Mantras for Peace resources!)
  • and done! It was a deep tuning in, but I felt it was also short and sweet.

I hope you enjoy and get a gift of deep listening, insight, and stress relief from the mantra sound bath!

It was wonderful to see so many people from our global community of chant lovers (125 people registered!) as well as a few new folks who are considering doing our Sound Healing Yoga Teacher Training online. It's always a privilege to share the gift of sound medicine with you.

Thanks to my whole team at the Heart of Sound, including Lisa Chaly for hosting online, Katey Justice for doing all the prep admin and setup. Huge thanks to Tora Smart and Denise Kaufman for being my hanai family, my sweetie for chanting along and bringing his mom, and to all the moms out there especially MINE!

More free sound baths and chant experiences of all different types are available at HeartofSound on YouTube / Sound Bath Playlist


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