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Lokāḥ Samastāḥ Sukhino Bhavantu

May all the beings in all the worlds be happy!

NEW Global Virtual Peace Choir!

Our fabulous volunteer Martijn has composed melody and harmony and invites you to add your voice to this global virtual choir project! (Costumes optional! ;) )

Got 5 minutes to chant with us, right now?

Click play, and add YOUR voice to the "peace channel!" along with a group of Heart of Sound students. (Sanskrit mantra text below.)


24 Hour Global Peace Chant!

Twice in 2021, chant leaders from around the globe helped to fill our Facebook and YouTube channels with loving peace mantras, straight from the heart.

Wisdom Gathering Online

25+ profound, provocative, inspiring conversations with a diverse panel of global thought leaders. Register to get access to the whole gathering, anytime. Together, let's explore ancient and innovative subtle activism practices for a vibrant future!


Mantras for Peace E-Book

Download our free Mantras for Peace E-Book, full of information and properly transliterated Sanskrit peace mantras.


More About Mantras for Peace

Watch and learn: How does the Yoga of Sound work? How does accurate, loving Sanskrit pronunciation embody the resonance of mantra? What if I can't sing? How can mantra help me become an instrument of peace?

In the Press

Thanks to the efforts of our all-volunteer team, the Mantras for Peace project has inspired thousands to engage in a daily peace chanting practice.

The project has been featured in print, radio, and web media too numerous to mention, in several languages and on several continents.

However, we feel we're just getting started! If you have a contact for us, please let us know. Thank you!

Chant with Student Teachers

Our gorgeous and talented advanced 500hr trainees offer regular Mantras for Peace online chant events on our free public calendar.

Global Chant Circle

We invite participants to think, chant, or sing simple mantras for peace at least once per day for 108 days.

Free Chant Leader Training

A mini-training on peace mantra pronunciation, including handouts, promotional graphics... and everything you need to host your own event!

2019 & 2021 Wisdom Gathering Online

The entire Wisdom Gathering Online (50+ talks, from 2019-2021) is archived on Youtube!


Without whom Mantras for Peace would not be possible! Please give them a round of applause and gratitude from wherever you are... they're tuned to subtle sound, so they'll feel it. ;) To join our volunteer team email [email protected]


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