What is the yoga of sound? Interview with Anandra


Sound is the yoga of the sages!

"What is man craving for? For ultimate peace, from God, from friends, from relatives, from world leaders, from saints and their sayings, from everything. When he ultimately finds within himself the answer to that craving, he understands the rāga"
-Pandit Amarnath (Anandra's music Guru's Guruji)

By learning the details of the yoga of sound precisely: body mechanics, voice production, Sanskrit letters, and the deep philosophical underpinnings of the yoga of sound, we can help others consistently find peace within themselves and empower them to transform their lives.

Check out the video: Learn: What is the yoga of sound? Is Sanskrit pronunciation really that important? What is the meaning of Sarasvati bija mantra?

It's an interview with Anandra with Devaa Haley Mitchell of the Shift Network, from the Yoga Day Summit 2016 (yogadaysummit.com).

What's next?
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