Healthy Airplane + Voice Care Travel Hacks

My healthy airplane travel / travel voice care routine includes: 

  • 😷 Wearing a mask at all times on the flight not only keeps viruses and germs away, it keeps the air I breathe more moist. Great for immunity + vocal care!
  • A drop of Thieves (or Doterra OnGuard) oil inside the mask and under my nostrils
  • A drop of sesame oil or ghee inside each nostril periodically throughout the flight, whenever my nose gets dry
  • Drinking LOTS OF WATER with EmergenC (500 ml for every hour in the air, ideally)
  • Walking around the airplane and stretching regulary. (I book an aisle seat so I can get up to use the bathroom and take walks around as often as I want, usually every 2-3 hours.)
  • Sipping warm Tulsi tea (It's an adaptogenic herb that helps the immune system.) I take my travel mug to the bathroom with me and gargle sometimes, too.
  • Taking a gentle laxative (I like castor oil pills, or Himālayan herbals Herbolax) on a night flight, so things come out smoothly in the morning. Sorry if that's TMI but it's important not to get backed up! Constipation = inflammation, and inflammation = mucous and a cozy nesting place for viruses to grow.
  • Doses of Nutribiotics grapefruit seed extract or Colloidal Silver for extra immunity
  • I take my regular multivitamins too.
  • Good handwashing and hand sanitizer as often as possible

It's especially important for singers to take good care of their health, especially their respiratory health, when traveling.

Please comment if you have awesome go-to's for travel vocal care!



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