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fire kauai travelhacks Apr 29, 2023


Our upcoming Kaua'i mantra and nada yoga retreat is already very affordable... family-style accommodation options, local rental cars from me & my friends, and simply delicious Ayurvedic food is included in the price.

Getting to & from the island is also a significant expense though, but I have good news for you!

  1. Flights in mid-September are usually less expensive than at almost any other time of the year.
  2. If you're clever about it, you could rock the travel hacking game and get your flight + a companion's flight FREE!
  3. Rainbows just might encircle you as you travel, like they did to me on the recent flight (in the video). Isn't that COOL?!?

If you're a person who can pay their credit card bill on time and in full each month, signing up for credit card bonuses is a great way to rack up more than enough bonus points for a round trip to Hawai'i.

If you will be travelling from the United States, and can fly Southwest airlines to Lihue, the Southwest Companion Pass is worth looking into!

I've been travel hacking for as long as I can remember, but I recently listened to a podcast update on it (since the cards change, and taking advantage of the best offers is always changing too). Look up ChooseFI podcast and search for Travel Hacking Update 2022.) It inspired me to get on the Southwest airlines very generous, flexible bonus train and I'd love to share the FIRE with you!

If you and a friend want to fly to Kaua'i for very little, here's what do to:

  1. Apply for a Southwest airlines Business Card to get the 80,000 bonus.
  2. Apply for the Southwest airlines Rapid Rewards card to get the 50,000 bonus.
  3. Meet your minimum spend for both cards by paying for things you're already planning to buy, such as the Kaua'i mantra and nada yoga retreat tuition, or the sound and mantra teacher training package deal (available for both the 500hr and the 200hr training).
  4. You can also put the Kaua'i retreat lodging or rental car on your new Southwest airlines credit card if you're willing to pay the Paypal fees!

The trick to timing travel hacking is:

  1. Apply for a new card with a great bonus a few weeks before a planned purchase. My favorites are the Southwest Airlines and the Chase Sapphire Reserve. (If you click those links and sign up, instead of navigating away or searching on your own, I'll get a small miles bonus, too. Thanks for using the links! Every bit helps!)
  2. Make the purchase to meet the minimum spend before the deadline (usually 3 months).

Other ideas to meet your minimum spend without spending any extra money would be:

  • Gift cards at places you already shop (i.e. your grocery store, gas pump, home improvement store, etc.
  • Annual renewal fees for car insurance, subscription payments like Spotify, etc. You can often save 20-30% going from monthly to annual payments in advance, so it's worth doing an audit of your subscriptions to a) save that money and b) hit your minimum spend quickly!
  • Signing up for new cards like the Southwest Airlines or my other favorite, the Chase Sapphire Reserve a few weeks before an expenditure is coming up is just super smart! (But only if you're able to pay your cards on time and in full!)
  • Of course, putting your Heart of Sound Kauai Retreat + 200hr Teacher Training package deal (or 500hr Package Deal!) would be the best idea! ;) as you'll save $500 on both plus go a long way towards your minimum spend on the Southwest Business Rewards card!

If you took action soon, it's possible to get your bonuses posted to your account in plenty of time to use those miles to book your Southwest reward flight to Lihue, plus fly your companion with you for free! (As of posting, a round-trip flight LAX to LIH uses only about 50,000 points, so after getting 130,000 in bonus points from those two cards you'd have plenty left over for other adventures or our next Kaua'i mantra and nada yoga retreat TBA in 2024!)

Here are some numbers for you to see how it'd work:

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Personal card = 50,000 miles bonus

Minimum spend is only $1000, which you'd meet by purchasing the $1095 Kaua'i mantra and nada yoga retreat OR the lodging + car (which you can share with a friend) on that card.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Business card = 80,000 miles bonus

Minimum spend is $5000, which you'd make a dent in by purchasing the $3240 Kauai Retreat + 200hr Teacher Training package deal (or $4690 if you go for the 500hr Package Deal!) OR the lodging + car (which you can share with a friend) on that card. Remember, both package deals also save you $500 on the training too!

That's 130,000 miles towards your 135,000 requirement to get the Companion Pass (which is good for the remainder of the year plus ALL OF NEXT YEAR!) To quickly get the extra 5,000 miles, you can shop deals on rapidrewardsshopping. I'm going to buy some summer surf & adventure gear on backcountry and get 5X points per dollar myself!

We hope to see you real soon on Kaua'i!


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