Love chanting?

Curious about the power of sound?

Want to uplevel your skills?

Learn more about creating, enlivening, and refining your sound-based practice with internationally respected Sanskrit mantra teacher and musician Anandra George.



In this 1-hour free webinar, you will:

  • Awaken your inner musician and tap into the creative, authentic joyspring of your soul expression with a nāda yoga technique (it’s fruitful for seasoned performers and non-musicians alike!).
  • Find your authentic voice and maximal personal resonance with a vocal coaching practice.  Warning: Don’t do this if you don’t want to FALL IN LOVE with your own voice! 
  • Learn the Top 3 Sanskrit mantra chanting blunders that most kīrtan musicians and yoga teachers unknowingly practice.
  • Learn why and how the yoga of sound can reverse chronic stress in the physical body and significantly improve mental health.  
  • Discover the power of syllable-by-syllable Sanskrit mantra pronunciation.  Practice as Anandra guides you in a short closing unison chant for peace.

This is for YOU if you're a:

  • Closet singer
  • Mantra lover
  • Kīrtan chant leader
  • Yoga teacher
  • Ayurvedic doctor
  • Yoga therapist
  • Holistic health practitioner
  • Music, yoga or mantra educator
  • Professional speaker, actor, or musician

By the end of the webinar (if you participate in the guided practices) you’ll be reverberating with the love that pulses at the heart of sound.


"WOW, what a life-changing journey into the magic of Nāda Yoga! Whether it is due to the beautifully crafted and integrated wisdom teachings, or due to the expertise, competence and presence of Anandra herself, it is difficult to say. But for sure, you have to be ready for the depth to receive the full flow of grace."

Kadambari Maa
Yoginī and Kīrtanīya, India

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