Sacred Sound Stage

March 8-14, 2023
At the world-famous International Yoga Festival, hosted by Parmarth Niketan in Rishikesh!

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Sacred Sound Stage - A Service Project of the Heart of Sound

In 2017, Anandra and a team of volunteers from the Heart of Sound 200-hr RYT started offering the Sacred Sound Stage at the world-famous International Yoga Festival Rishikesh. It has become such a favorite for many festival-goers to nourish their subtle “sound bodies” that often our classes are full with a line outside the door!

With Pujya Swamiji’s blessings (the spiritual leader of Parmarth Niketan Ashram), we create an opportunity for the yoga of sound to be showcased among the other aspects of yoga. Since sound is the yoga that affects ALL of the bodies (including and beyond the physical), the Sacred Sound Stage offers many aspects of a sound-based practice, including:

  • Nāda Yoga Experiences
  • Sanskrit Mantra Workshops
  • Sound Healing (using crystal bowls, gongs, medicinal tuning forks, etc.)
  • Indian Classical Music
  • Yoga of Sound Workshops
  • Medicine and Sound Workshops
  • Kīrtan and Devotional Chanting

Because it's just after our annual Retreat Training into the Heart of Sound, often students return year after year to volunteer at the festival, present workshops, and sing in our "Soul Food Family Kīrtan Hour" during the festival.

Mahā Śivarātri Celebration, Sacred Sound Stage 2019


Volunteers from the Heart of Sound global family created, curate, and manage the Sacred Sound Stage. We're doing a 10-day deep-dive yoga of sound retreat training right before the festival. Feb 25 - March 6. Care to join us?

International Yoga Festival - 2020



We engage the thousands of festival participants from 100+ countries in chanting mantras for peace.


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