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Stability, Grounding, Integration, Authenticity, Embodiment, Rhythm, Harmony, Order, Auspiciousness, New Beginnings!

Do any of those words ring true for you? In this unique practice, you'll receive training in rhythm and vocal resonance to greatly enhance the power of mantra. Let's use sound with nuanced skill and devotion to remove our unseen obstacles!


"For me, chanting this mantra has me facing my internal obstacles and the realisation that all my obstacles are within me. None of them are external - not one! It’s all me. This mantra is opening up doors that show me the way forward. It has been very empowering."

-Jessica Wilson

What’s so vital about rhythm, right timing and integration?

Well for one thing, they’re the good glue that seals the gaps, cracks and holes where you leak life energy, harmony, and will forces. They're like the architecture of inner order and armor to shield from chaos!

The Removing Unseen Obstacles practice is about sealing these holes of disharmony of all kinds.

It’s about stability, grounding, holding it down, authenticity, embodiment, order, auspiciousness, beginnings and yes, it’s about RHYTHM.

When applied with sincere and consistent focus, the very forces encoded in the sound vibrations of the mantras in this practice will impart rhythm. Mobilizing, eliminating that which is an impediment to your flow of light, intelligence and love.

Maybe “integration” doesn’t sound as glamorous or sensual as “activation,” but if you’re ready to put your intention into embodied action, THIS IS THE GROUP FOR YOU!

Obstacles of all kinds – even those deeply hidden, unseen, clunky, gunk like ones – begin to dissolve gracefully through the principle of entrainment to mantric consciousness!

This practice will ground and stabilize,  imparting rhythm and flow where you've been stagnant and out of sync with yourself.

Learn and experience directly why Gaṇeśa is considered..

  • the embodiment of Auṁ
  • the Lord of obstacles
  • the gateway between duality and unity
  • the resident awareness of the root cakra

On a practical level, you’ll empower yourself to move into your personal Golden Age of flow, inspiration, and joyful dharma despite the appearance of obstacles!

Beginners to mantra are welcome!  This practice sustains a powerful, grounded energy that is safe and universally beneficial.

40 Days of Transformation

Your challenge to yourself is to chant the mantra every day for 40 consecutive days.  Start anytime! (and remember to re-start, if you miss a day!)

The course is designed to completely support your practice with robust video materials and our online community if you want it. We'll connect via:

  • At least 4 LIVE calls (when we have a live group running) to support you in refining the practice and with any questions that might arise during your practice.
  • Ongoing personal support via our Heart of Sound online community
  • The option of signing up for 40 days of daily email tips on mantra meditation practice & how it empowers your desired life transformation

How it Works

  • Enroll and get immediate access to the complete set of course materials
  • Start your 40 days of mantra anytime
  • Go through the online course materials at your own pace
  • Join at least 4 LIVE calls offered during the 40 days when a live group is running
  • Connect in the community forum to meet others doing the same practice.

Your Commitment

  • A minimum of 30 minutes (or 108 repetitions) of mantra meditation daily for 40 days
  • To dedicate the fruits of your long-term practice for the benefit of all beings
  • To be generous with yourself if you skip a day and have to start back at Day 1. (LOL - You'll be in great company!)

Are you ready for a deep clearing of apparent obstacles in your path?

Your Instructor

Anandra George (Heart of Sound Founder) offers many instructional videos that are available immediately after you register for the online course. 

When a live group is running, the course facilitator will host at least 4 LIVE group practices during the 40 days where there will be the opportunity to ask questions and share your experiences with the group. And Anandra is also available for questions, as always. :) 

Pricing Options



Full participation

Permanent access to extensive online course learning materials





Full participation

Permanent access to extensive online course learning materials


Learning Materials


  • Several videos with specific Sanskrit pronunciation instruction to help you learn the mantra practice 
  • Q&A time during the periodic live Zoom calls for any questions you might have about the practice
  • Best practice advice for mantra meditation
  • Complete support for your home practice that considers every aspect of the yoga of sound
  • Wisdom on a range of experiences you may have during your 40 days


  • Recordings of the mantras
  • A variety of drone sounds to create your ideal sonic environment


  • Practice Preparation Checklists
  • Journal Prompts
  • An altar card with written mantras in proper IAST transliteration and Devanāgarī
  • Word-by-word meaning and poetic translation
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines to enhance your practice

Course Outline


Orient yourself to the spiritual and practical details of doing a 40-day mantra meditation.

  • Watch the various videos to learn the pronunciation of the practice and print out the course PDF materials.
  • Learn how to engage effectively with the course materials for maximal transformation.
  • Take a pre-course self-assessment of your mental health and stress levels to contribute to mantra medical research.

Week 1: The Fundamentals

Get started by setting your intention for the next 40 days and reviewing the Sanskrit pronunciation.

  • Print out beautiful written mantra for your altar, and download Mp3 files to help you get into its rhythm.
  • Align your heart, mind, word, and deed with your purest intent.

Home Practice Resources

Set up your sacred space for ideal resonance and make the most out of your practice.

  • Download your choice of background drone audio sounds or learn how to use a tānpūrā app
  • Tune into the graceful abundance of nature with specially recorded audio and video from the holy Ganges river in the Himālayas
  • Print out journal prompts, daily practice checklist to mark your progress through 40 days.
  • Follow Ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines to enhance the subtle effects of your practice and support your physical body during the increased mantric fire.

Week 2: Refine Your Practice

Take your practice to the next level 

  • Learn the various qualities of Gaṇeśa and a more esoteric approach to the mantra
  • Contemplate the concept of non-separation of name and form
  • Empower yourself by cultivating your own precise, subtle exploration of this practice
  • Fall in love with your mantra time as communion (in other words, don't "should" on yourself!)
  • Get practical tips on fulfilling your 40-day commitment to your Self

Week 3-4: As the Mantra Penetrates Deeply

As we engage deeper into the mantra, we begin to seal the gaps where we are leaking any energy in our life. 

  • Relate with wisdom to mid-practice doldrums and other ups and downs you might be experiencing.
  • Deeply consider the paradigm you're approaching your practice from, and whether it can become more sustainable.
  • Begin to integrate the practice through the alignment of thought, word and deed

Week 5 and Beyond: Going forward into your personal Golden Age

40 days is just the beginning of what might become a go-to lifeline of inner connection, nourishment, and support.

  • Consider how to integrate a regular daily practice into your life
  • Consider how to troubleshoot any future potential obstacles
  • Take the post-course assessment and compare your own results

Current & Aspiring Teachers

Continuing Education: If you're a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, this online course is eligible for 15 hours of continuing education.

Prerequisite: If you're considering the Heart of Sound 200-hour teacher training, this online course fulfills the online 40 day mantra meditation requirement, too!


Frequently Asked Questions

Other than your pure intention to pour any benefits from the practice into love and service, no! ;)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to experience this practice with no prior mantra or Sanskrit knowledge necessary.

You'll have access to the materials for as long as we're in business. :)

Yes, as long as you remember to fill out the Journal Prompts (downloadable in the course materials) to track your experience.

You will upload this document when it comes time to complete the training. (We leave it to you to honestly complete the consecutive 40 days.)

This is a bonus feature for those who are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Once you've completed the course you can login to your YA account, search for the course in their registry, and add the course and your hours. Once Heart of Sound has received a confirmation request, we can confirm your CE hours. 

Once you are registered and have paid for the course and at any time during your participation in the course, there are no refunds given. 

Please email [email protected] for any other questions.


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