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Join us for a continuation of our Wisdom Gathering online... LIVE chanting, conversation, and connection!

Featuring musician Benjy Wertheimer on

Music's Transcendent Magic:
Cultivating Compassion



In this FREE live experience, you will:

  • Chant mantras for peace with a global community for 10 minutes to start off the event, harmonize ourselves, and amplify "the peace channel."
  • Enjoy nourishing conversation with our respected presenters to help deeply embody our peacemaking skills.  
  • Connect by asking questions, adding your voice to the topic discussion, or simply celebrating mutual hope with fellow kindred people.

Music's Transcendent Magic:
Cultivating Compassion

Our dear Benjy Wertheimer joins us to deepen the conversation on musical self-care and compassionate response within a fracturing wellness community.

Benjy Wertheimer is an award-winning musician, composer, vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. One of his peace mantra songs, Purnamadah, has over 18,000,000 plays on Spotify.

We expect the conversation with Benjy to unfold these themes:

  • Maintaining a sense of listening and intellectual humility
  • Being an instrument for music (or other creative/devotional modalities) to flow through, channeling the timeless balm for our hearts and spirits in a way that nothing else can.
  • Asking, where can we go from here, as a community? How can we cultivate musical and devotional moments of unity, especially when we're unable to share physical space?

We can't wait to bask in a moment of unity with YOU in real time online! We hope it'll be a breath of fresh air, music to your soul, a warm welcome hug for your precious, tender self!


Please note that registration and a few minutes of preparation are required for this free online event.









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  • Neuroscience educator Sarah Peyton
  • Trauma informed NVC facilitator Meenadchi
  • Biologist Bruce Lipton
  • Futurist Christine Mason
  • Sanskrit scholar Dr. Katy Jane
  • Arhuaco medicine keeper Biskungwi
  • Musician Benjy Wertheimer
  • Marketing queen Mari Smith
  • Voice expert Chloe Goodchild
  • Devotional musician Punnu Wasu
  • Tantra expert Devi Ward Erickson
  • Yoga philosophy teacher Bhavani Maki
  • Kīrtan leader Dave Stringer
  • Artist activist Zena El Khalil
  • Sound medicine expert Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary
  • Peace activist Michelle Button
  • Mantra researcher Gemma Perry
  • Musician Gina Salā
  • Devotional singer Radhamadhav Das
  • Wellness entrepreneur Ayana Dake
  • Non-violent communication trainer Jori Manske
  • Musician Sheela Bringi
  • Shinto yoga expert 橋本光 Hikaru Hashimoto
  • Ecopsychology professor Erica Wohldmann-Gift


  • Catholic priest Father Charles Ogada
  • Lakota Elder Cheryl Angel
  • Scientist Dr. Hemant Bhargav
  • Yoga teacher Svāmini Pramānanda
  • Mayan Elder Jose Antonio Navarro Castillo 
  • Founder of Sattva Yoga Anand Mehrotra 
  • Co-director of Parmarth Niketan Sādhvi Bhagavati Sarasvati
  • International educator Laura Plumb
  • Mhuiska elder of Columbia Senacio Suaie
  • Yoga teacher couple Kia Miller & Tommy Rosen
  • International teacher Saul David Raye
  • Spiritual leader Shakti Durga
  • International yoga teacher Seane Corn
  • Filmaker Georgia Wyss
  • Kuṇḍalinī Yoga teacher Jai Hari Singh
  • Musician Aleah Gandharvika
  • Indian national lecturer Svāmi Uttamānanda

Together, let's explore ancient and innovative subtle activism practices for a vibrant future!


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Wisdom Gathering: Presenter Series

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