24 Hour Global Peace Chant! 

It's peacecraft time, baby. Let's activate our subtle sound superpowers and amplify some good vibrations!

Are you a chant leader?
We invite you to lend YOUR voice to the "peace channel" by leading a chant experience to be shared with the world. 

For 24 hours from April 20-21, 2021, we'll be filling our Facebook, YouTube and Instragram video feeds with peace mantras, straight from the heart.

And we're looking for chant leaders just like you to help, by pre-recording videos of 20, 40 or 60 minute chant sessions for us to share. You do the recording (on your phone, iPad or computer), get it to us by April 15, and we'll do the rest.

Peace mantras only please (non-religious, non-dogmatic, that are accessible to all)


Fill out the quick form below to sign up!


The details: 

When you have your recording ready, send it to us at [email protected] via WeTransfer.com (it's easy and free). And we'll do the rest!

Submission deadline is April 15, 2021.

We gratefully accept:
- A video recording with clear sound and a clear, well-lit view of your face :)
- Featuring universal peace prayer mantras only please! (Asato Mā, Lokāḥ Samastāḥ, etc.)
- Please do not use saguṇa mantras like Kṛṣnạ, Śiva, etc. (as they may be construed by some listeners as religious)
- Some talking in your intro/outro is OK, but please keep it to a minimum. Balance should be 90%-99% singing, 1-10% talking. (However, encouragements / refinements you speak as the music is going on, to engage your audience of listeners, are fine.)

Chant Video Intro Tips:
- Start with your name and where you're chanting from.
- Acknowledge the indigenous people and indigenous name of the place you're chanting from
- State a simple intention for why you're chanting today

Example: "I'm Benji chanting from Decorah Iowa, USA... the land of the Winneshiek people.
These peace mantras are offered to anyone who needs to feel loved today."

Chant Video Technical Tips:
- Use a microphone (airpods or earbuds work great!) when possible, to pick up your voice from any background sounds or instruments.
- If you're filming your face, look at the green dot (not at your own image on the screen) to make eye contact with the viewer
- Pretend like you're talking to and chanting with your best friend, who loves and accepts you as you are, relaxed and easy :)


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