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This might just be the greatest mantra of all time!

Since the days of the ancient yogīs, this mantra has been incanted daily by millions of souls. It is a prayer to the “light beyond the light” to illumine all the worlds. In this mantra, there is no deity, no force of nature which is called upon… the words are a poetic offering to the transcendent supreme light alone. Anyone, from any religion, can chant this mantra with a sincere heart!

"Life is brighter after a week with this mantra. I was struggling a few weeks ago with lack of intention and negative thoughts. Now I’ve been looking forward to each morning practice (the night before! and spontaneously waking early before 5am!) These dark winter days are so much more than bearable with the inner light switched on!!"

Sian Fitzpatrick

On a personal level, the sounds of this mantra produce a powerfully clear, pure vibration which…

  • Gracefully sweeps away the debris that clouds your true Self.
  • Intensifies the inner voice.
  • Awakens intelligence, discrimination, and the capacity for deep insight.
  • Transforms the practitioner into a beacon of light for his/her community.


On a global level, it produces a resonance which is said to…

  • Contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts on a subconscious level.
  • Strengthen the vibratory connection between the earthly and the subtle/mystic/heavenly realms.
  • Promote peace, harmony, abundance, and the welfare of all beings.

Anandra's Gāyatrī Story

This mantra is very near to my heart, as it is to anyone with a connection to the great Yogic culture and philosophy… The short form was the very first mantra I was initiated into during my first pilgrimage to India in 1997. Since then, I learned the proper letter-by-letter Sanskrit pronunciation, and started practicing the full long form (which BLEW MY MIND!)

It has transformed from being a mantra for dedicated repetition to seek illumination to being a mantra that joyously declares the overwhelming fullness!

No doubt, both the refinement of pronunciation and the many years of repetition have revealed some glimpse of this mantra’s potency… but I sense that oh-so-much-more awaits! I am deeply honored to share whatever I can, and I pray that my words, and the Sanskrit sounds skill training I seek to empower you with, will help your own connection to this mantra reveal itself in your heart.

"Yesterday during my practice I experienced this inner silence. I started feeling like my whole body was hollow, almost like an empty vessel, as my breath was flowing in and out creating blissful vibrations of love 💗 I was in awe... so much beauty and bliss!! I just wanted to stay in that space forever!! ✨🙏✨"

Chrisilia Faki

How it Works

  • Enroll and get immediate access to the complete set of course materials
  • Start your 40 days of mantra meditation anytime
  • Go through the online course materials at your own pace
  • Watch the recordings of the LIVE teaching calls recorded over 40 days with Anandra and a recent live group.
  • Join additional group practices led by our teacher training students
  • Connect in the community forum to meet others doing the same practice

Your Commitment

  • A minimum of 20 minutes (or 21 repetitions) of mantra meditation daily for 40 days
  • To dedicate the fruits of your long-term practice for the benefit of all beings
  • To be generous with yourself if you skip a day and have to start back at Day 1. (LOL - You'll be in great company!)

Are you ready for profoundly expanded, illuminated perspective?

Your Instructor 

Anandra (Heart of Sound Founder) offers the primary course content in the many instructional videos and hosts the periodic live Q&A calls.

She has been doing this mantra as her personal practice on and off for over 10 years and has taken hundreds of people through a 40-day process with this mantra.

From Anandra:

"As this practice continues to ripen within me, I am humbled and awed by the flow of benevolent revealing and concealing grace on a daily basis. The magnificent play of love of creator as creation astounds me. While I happily concede that the more I know, the more I know I don't know, I am grateful to share an intimate practice with you. It's a glimpse into that primal love dance that I experience as the source of abundance in all forms."

Real comments

from 10 previous Sāvitrī Gāyatrī mantra 40-day group participants:

"I have felt overwhelmed with glimpses of the divine"

"How awesome to have some clarity in amongst the chaos. I am relishing this experience and am truly grateful"

"Crying at the beauty of the world. I often hold back this part of myself out of shame and a belief that crying at the beauty somehow means there is something wrong. This circle reminded me that it's because everything is right.

"An inner shift is happening and yes the bright light is revealing the gunk within my mind"

"In daily life my perspective allows me to make better choices instead of old habitual emotions and thoughts."

"I am attempting to use the light of this practice to assist me in balancing the shadows that are lurking and VERY blatant in our world today."

"I am starting to see and feel glimpses of sweet bliss as I chant and sit in silence afterwards."

"The uncomfortable-ness that I was initially feeling is me "cleaning out my house" and recognizing and getting rid of all of the unnecessary garbage."

"The vibration of the silence after the sound resonates deep in my physical body and takes me to that profound space of Sacred Silence."

"My communication with others has improved as the need to grasp begins to dissolve. And I can feel creative fire inside wanting to express..."

Pricing Options



Full participation

Permanent access to extensive online course learning materials





Full participation

Permanent access to extensive online course learning materials


Learning Materials

You'll benefit from compiled wisdom and practice advice from Anandra's 25 years of personal practice, 13 years of teaching, and 8 years of teaching teachers.


  • More than 15 videos totaling hours of teaching
  • Specific Sanskrit pronunciation instruction for optimum resonance
  • Best practice advice for mantra meditation
  • Complete support for your home practice that considers every aspect of the yoga of sound
  • Wisdom on a range of experiences you may have during your 40 days
  • Bonus meditation visuals to complement the mantra vibration



  • Slow recordings of the mantras for learning purposes
  • A variety of drone sounds to create your ideal sonic environment
  • Several video & audio recordings of complete guided practices of the mantra, if you prefer to chant along with Anandra and/or a group.


  • Practice Preparation Checklists
  • Journal Prompts
  • An altar card with written mantras in proper IAST transliteration and Devanāgarī
  • Word-by-word meaning and poetic translation
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines to enhance your practice

Course Outline


Orient yourself to the spiritual and practical details of doing a 40-day mantra meditation.

  • Hear one of the origin stories of this mantra and Anandra's personal experiences in 25 years of practice.
  • Learn how to engage effectively with the course materials for maximal transformation.
  • Take a pre-course self-assessment of your mental health and stress levels to contribute to mantra medical research.

Week 1: The Fundamentals

Get started by learning the mantra in detail and setting your intention for the next 40 days.

  • Learn the Sanskrit sounds by video in exquisitely nerdy, sensual detail.
  • Print out beautiful written mantra for your altar, and download Mp3 files to help you get into its soft rhythm.
  • Learn about additional preparatory mantra practices (optional)
  • Align your heart, mind, word, and deed with your purest intent.

Home Practice Resources

Set up your sacred space for ideal resonance and make the most out of your practice.

  • Download your choice of background drone audio sounds or learn how to use a tānpūrā app
  • Tune into the graceful abundance of nature with specially recorded audio and video from the holy Ganges river in the Himālayas
  • Print out journal prompts, daily practice checklist to mark your progress through 40 days.
  • Follow Ayurvedic lifestyle guidelines to enhance the subtle effects of your practice and support your physical body during the increased mantric fire.
  • Choose from a number of pre-recorded led video/audio practices to chant along with, if you prefer.

Week 2: Refine Your Practice

Take your practice to the next level with a wealth of wisdom videos from Anandra.

  • Learn how different volumes of chanting create different effects
  • Tickle your bliss points consciously with the predominant sounds in our main mantra
  • Empower yourself by cultivating your own precise, subtle exploration of this practice
  • Fall in love with your mantra time as communion (in other words, don't "should" on yourself!)
  • Get practical tips on fulfilling your 40-day commitment to your Self

Week 3-4: As the Mantra Penetrates Deeply

The intimacy that mantra engages us in can be both blissful and terrifying. Anandra offers a series of sensitive, straight-talk advice for what actually happens when our commitment takes us deep.

  • Sigh deeply with acceptance for your stubborn resistances as Anandra talks you through the special terror of falling in love.
  • Relate with wisdom to mid-practice doldrums and other ups and downs you might be experiencing.
  • Deeply consider the paradigm you're approaching your practice from, and whether it can become more sustainable.

Week 5 and Beyond: Embodying A New Paradigm

40 days is just the beginning of what might become a go-to lifeline of inner connection, nourishment, and support.

  • Align yourself with key frameworks for putting your expanded perspective and clarity into action.
  • Consider how to pay it forward and support the source culture for these practices.
  • Take the post-course assessment and compare your own results

Current & Aspiring Teachers

Continuing Education: If you're a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, this online course is eligible for 15 hours of continuing education.

Requirement: If you're considering the Heart of Sound 200-hour teacher training, this online course fulfills the online 40 day mantra meditation requirement, too!


Frequently Asked Questions

Other than your pure intention to pour any benefits from the practice into love and service, no! ;)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to experience this practice with no prior mantra or Sanskrit knowledge necessary.

You'll have access to the materials for as long as we're in business. :)

Yes, as long as you remember to fill out the Journal Prompts (downloadable in the course materials) to track your experience.

You will upload this document when it comes time to complete the training. (We leave it to you to honestly complete the consecutive 40 days.)

This is a bonus feature for those who are Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) with Yoga Alliance. Once you've completed the course you can login to your YA account, search for the course in their registry, and add the course and your hours. Once Heart of Sound has received a confirmation request, we can confirm your CE hours. 

Please email [email protected] for any other questions.


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