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Sudhanshu Sharma Tour

New South Wales & Victoria

May 24 - June 18, 2023

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"Sudhanshu, it has been an honor to learn this mystical music from you that has fascinated me since I was in my teens. Thank you for opening your heart to us to share your beautiful song and voice. I feel as though I am permanently expanded ever upwards to the Divine!"

Bonnie Augustine
Sound Healer

Meet Sudhanshu!

Sudhanshu Sharma

An approved Artist of the All India Radio, New Delhi, Sudhanshu has a career as a performer of Hindustani Classical Vocal with many performances in the Middle East and south East Asia and performances in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Indore and Guwahati and invitations to perform in the US, Europe and Canada.

A recipient of the prestigious Tushar Pandit Memorial Gold Medal and Smt. V. Bani Bai Ram Memorial Medal in Music, he is an internationally respected teacher as well with students all across the globe. He has many musical retreats, Lecture-Demonstrations and Music Talks to his credit.

He strongly believes that Art should have a bigger purpose of bringing hearts together and fostering better human relationships full of Peace and Love – both external and internal.

As a part of the Heart of Sound since day one, Sudhanshu regularly offers music retreats and teaches many of our global family in private online lessons.

Kīrtan with Sudhanshu "Deva Maheshvara" in Nepal


Northern New South Wales May 24 - 26:

  • Mt. Warning Temple Concert Wednesday, 24th May – 6 PM
    $25 waged, $20 unwaged, children - free
  • Byron Bay House Concert Friday, 26th May – 4PM
    RSVP Wendy 0409938087

Victoria May 28 - June 2:

New South Wales June 10 - 18:

  • Canberra Nāda Yoga Workshop: Discover your voice & connect with the divine through the power of sound Saturday, 10th June – 2 to 5 PM
  • Canberra Indian Classical Music Concert & Kīrtan Saturday, 10th June – 7 to 9 PM 
    RSVP Geeti: 0418407984, Simon: 0450950208 https://www.geetiandgyan.com/
  • Murrah Dream Retreat Indian Classical Music Concert & Kīrtan Sunday, 11th June – 7 to 9 PM 
    RSVP Geeti: 0418407984, Vanessa: 0419632806 https://www.geetiandgyan.com/
  • Northern Beaches Sydney House Kīrtan with Geeti & Gyan Thursday, 15th June – 7 to 8:30 PM 
  • Frenchs Forest Sydney Nāda Yoga Workshop: Madhuraṁ - The sweetness of devotion Saturday, 17th June – 3 to 5 PM 
  • Frenchs Forest Sydney Concert & Kīrtan: An evening celebrating the love & devotion of Radha & Krishna Saturday, 17th June – 7 to 9:30 PM  
  • Caddens Western Sydney Concert & Kīrtan: An evening celebrating the love & devotion of Radha & Krishna Sunday, 18th June – 2 to 4:15 PM  
    RSVP Geeti: 0418407984 https://www.geetiandgyan.com/

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Apart from this, Sudhanshu is also available for private one-on-one classes and for any other event of Nāda Yoga, Indian Classical Music and devotional music in between these dates and times. Contact the above websites/phone numbers at the location closest to you if you are interested. Alternatively, feel free to contact Sudhanshu directly at [email protected]. Sudhanshu returns to India on 21st June 2023.

Do you wish to learn nāda yoga Indian vocal rāga music in a traditional Indian lineage online?

Nāda Yoga Training Online!

We offer naada yoga online courses to give you musical foundations for a lifetime of blissful connection and creative expression.

With 100 years of teaching experience combined, Guruji, Sudhanshu, and Anandra offer you every possible online tool to bless your path of sound healing yoga for the voice!

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS of any age are welcome; we have a special section just for you.

KĪRTAN LEADERS wishing for a rāga-based improvisation style in their practice will be in heaven; we include full training & an extensive repertoire.

The nada yoga teacher training in-depth online course takes you into the mystical and practical foundations of a personal Indian music practice.

The 200 hour mantra and nada yoga teacher training course is a deep dive into the Sanskrit, mantra, and Indian music foundations for a lifetime of sound yoga, and prepares you to lead profoundly transformative chant experiences.

Enrolled students may attend Sudhanshu's Australia Tour towards contact hours for either course.


"The enlightened ones say 'Go Within!' I have always wondered where ‘WITHIN’ was, and how do I get there? And am I there yet? ;) I can now see/feel a springboard, to dive off daily, with the nāda yoga you've taught me...Exciting!"

Mario, Italy
Nāda Yoga Online Course Student

Even total non-musicians can enter into the magnificent world of musical vibration. Our focus on the meditative side of singing makes "the song of the soul" accessible to ALL!

"Being a total music newbie, I need a 'model’ to copy from over and over. This platform delivers encouraging music teachers right here, to be with me! It’s the sweetest, joyful and most heart-potent energy having Guruji, Sudhanshu and Anandra guiding and encouraging me to access the richness of these practices."

Janette Gilbert
English Teacher, Australia

Nada Yoga Certification Course

Continuing Education: If you're a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, this online course is eligible for 60 hours of continuing education. Select the "Certification" option if you'd like to receive credit.

Prerequisite: If you're considering the Heart of Sound 200-hour teacher training, this online course will be a resource for your teaching for years to come.


Support Generations of Indian Musicians

Your Nāda Yoga or 200hr TT course fees go toward supporting the active generation of Guruji's students as he gradually goes into retirement.



Sudhanshu render Rāga Yaman in Paris

Join our musical family!

Learning Indian Classical music is a labor of love. Many say it stretches across lifetimes, and even then there's always more to learn. This unique online course gives you the opportunity to start your journey, knowing you're in good hands of a time-honored tradition (delivered with modern technology)!


Nāda Yoga Course

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