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Join our Affiliate Program and

help spread the word about Heart of Sound 

It's fun, easy and you'll earn cash or credit for your own future courses. 


  • Earn up to 20% commission and bonuses on sales and sign-ups generated through your promotions when you use your special affiliate links.
  • Content and value-filled offerings for products and courses you know and love! Your audience will love them too!
  • Heart of Sound fulfills all orders. You share the link and we do the rest!
  • We provide all the materials you need,  including recommended copy, graphics and images, so  you can simply "swipe and share" to promote the offering to your audience.
  • Self-service Affiliate Portal so you can easily access whatever you need, and real-time Affiliate Dashboard to keep track of your links and sales.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Manager to provide support and answer your questions via email and chat.
  • It’s FREE to join! 
  • Participate as often or as little as you want. It's up to you!


Simply share about the things you love using your unique link and everything is tracked automatically!

Here are some ways that you can help spread the work while receiving a percentage:

  • Share on your own social media profiles (with your link)
  • Share via your personal or business email list (with your link)
  • Create a page on your website recommending the programs (with your link)
  • When you teach, create followup emails for your own course participants recommending a particular online course or program (with your link)

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Commissions, Payouts and Terms & Conditions

As a Heart of Sound affiliate, you’ll be eligible to earn a commission of up to 20% for course sales.

Commissions rates are set for each specific offer, and may vary by offering. Not all programs are eligible.

Sales must be generated and tracked through unique affiliate links. 

Our Current Standard Commission Rates (Rev-Share Model):

  • Online Course Offers (When Available): up to 20% 
  • Retreat Offers:  $50 per sale
  • Teacher Training:  $100 – $300 per sale per eligible program

Note: If you refer someone who applies for and is granted a scholarship, since there's no payment there will be no commission. However, you'll get "good karma" points! ;)

Heart of Sound uses an industry-standard 30-day cookie. That means referral links are good for purchases made within 30-days.

  • Payments and accrued rewards are eligible to be paid once the sold product is paid in full. This includes products purchased on payment plans.
  • All payouts are made via Paypal* or in form of an accrued credit coupon code that can be used toward your own future courses from Heart of Sound, or you can gift that coupon to someone else.
  • Any fees associated with transfers will be deducted from the payout.
  • Accrued funds can be seen in the affiliate’s dashboard.
  • Funds are calculated in USD unless otherwise noted.

*Please Note: If your Paypal account is based a country that does not allow business to individual payments, Heart of Sound will only be able to offer a coupon towards future purchases on the Heart of Sound. Other payout solutions may be considered in certain cases.

The U.S, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and most of Europe have no issues with Paypal payments.

To see if Paypal is accepted in your country, click here.  

The Heart of Sound Affiliate Program is an online-based program. Please only share your affiliate links using online media such as your website, your blog site, your own social media, and/or your own email newsletters. Being an affiliate means that you are responsible for not spamming or sharing links where they are not permitted.

Affiliate programs and affiliate status are subject to change, be amended or discontinued at discretion of Heart of Sound.

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