Free HOS training? Free Travel? Here's how to get it.

If taking a free retreat or getting the entire Heart of Sound 200-hour Teacher Training for free, plus travelling for free to India, Hawai'i, Europe, Australia, etc. sounds too good to be true... it's not!

I was out taking a walk yesterday, fulfilling one of my 2020 goals to become more financially savvy. I was listening to a podcast episode on travel hacking. I thought I was already pretty good at the travel game, but I learned some new tricks!

Thinking ahead to when it'll become possible to schedule retreats and teacher trainings around the world again, I got inspired about how to create a win-win for all of us in a post-pandemic economy.

  • You get to earn free travel and free tuition to Heart of Sound courses
  • Your extended network benefits from the incredible online course material we offer
  • We all get to enjoy each other's physical company in real time soon!

Here's how you can make it happen, in two steps:

1. Earn tuition credits as an affiliate.

If you start now, you can accrue enough credits to pay for your entire tuition to any online course, future live retreat, or future live 200-hour teacher training!

Right now, we're offering a special affiliate program limited time offer to help you pay for upcoming retreats and trainings. If you refer people who purchase any of our online courses, you'll get a 5% raise on your commission percentage each time someone new signs up! When you get to 40%, your commission stays at 40% until you've accrued the full value of the 200-hour TT tuition.

1st referral = 20%
2nd referral = 25%
3rd referral = 30%
4th referral = 35%
5th referral = 40%
6th referral and beyond = 40% up to the full value of your 200-hour TT tuition.

Sign up now for the special affiliate program bonus structure! It'll be applied automatically for all current and new affiliates between May 21 - July 1st, 2020 and we may extend it beyond that. *NOTE: We have NOT yet had time to update our general affiliate materials, but you'll get this special bonus structure if you sign up now.

We've got 2 amazing new teacher-training level depth courses running now, the Sacred Sanskrit Sounds and the Nāda Yoga course. The next round of the full 200+ hour teacher training online will launching in a few months too. :)


2. Hack the travel credit card bonus signup game 

Did you know you can potentially get $10,000+ per year in free travel by taking advantage of credit card signup reward bonuses?

The short story on how it works: You apply for mileage bonus credit cards and rack up points.

If you fly United or its partners, I like this Chase United card as a great one to start with, with no annual fee, a nice bonus, and an easy-to-reach spend to get the bonus.

This ChooseFI podcast explains travel hacking from the start, including common questions like credit score impacts, smart ways to reach the minimum spend without increasing your budget, and getting the maximum value on points.

Tricks to not go over your normal budget: If you can use a credit card for all of your bills and daily expenses, and pay the bill in full each month, you can probably hit the minimum spend limit required to activate the mileage signup bonuses easily. Usually those are between $500 - $4000 in 3 months. If that sounds like a lot, or you're worried about throwing off your budget, here are a few tricks:

  • Purchase gift cards at your local health food store, Amazon or Costco (or other places you'll shop anyway, eventually) in order to get the bonus within the timeframe.
  • Pay annually (instead of monthly) for a service you know you'll use anyway (like Spotify, or Dropbox). While you're at it, why not contact customer service to see if they'll throw in an additional discount? It never hurts to ask.
  • Use your credit card to make donations to charity organizations that you were already planning to support and "pay it forward" while you rack up points.

Listen to the podcast for the full story, but to get maximum value out of the bonuses, the travel hacking experts suggest getting a string of consecutive Chase Rewards cards, then using the Ultimate Rewards points to transfer to one of 11 travel partners (like United, Delta, etc.) and look for their discounted Saver Award flights.

NOTE: They discuss credit card offers for American CC companies, but your own country, favorite airlines, and partner programs probably have its own schemes.
The credit cards have changes their policies since the podcast was aired in 2017, but it's still quite possible to get yourself at least to your next Heart of Sound retreat or training on signup bonuses if you start playing the travel hacking game now!

The people who made the podcast have a free e-course on the ins and outs of travel hacking, too, at

Between these two hacks, it'll be a win-win for everyone!

More life hacks!
Don't have enough affiliate credits for your whole tuition? You can also put your payment plan payments on one of your travel credit cards to build up bonus points. ;)

PS. Don't forget to sign up now for the special affiliate program bonus structure!

PPS. And here's the Chase United card bonus offer again.


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